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TOPIC: Reverie Sleep System (mattress)

Reverie Sleep System (mattress) 27 Dec 2012 02:18 #1

Hi Phoenix,
Do you or anyone else in the forum have information on or experience with the Reverie Dream Sleep mattress system? I stumbled across this mattress the other day online-up until now I thought they only made adjustable beds.

Thank you for any info you can provide.

Reverie Sleep System webpage:
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Re: Reverie Sleep System (mattress) 27 Dec 2012 15:16 #2

  • Phoenix
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Hi Jlsgrenwich,

The Reverie Dream Sleep system is one of a few mattresses I'm aware of that uses personalized and replaceable foam cylinders as a support system for their mattress (see for example the Spaldin tubes 84 here along with the Dormeo octaspring here).

The advantage of these is that the support system can be personalized into zones and these can also be changed or replaced if the needs of the individual change.

In the case of the Reverie ... they are only available as part of a sleeping system which includes their Reverie adjustable bed. This is of course a marketing decision on their part but when I talked with them about this they were very clear at the time that they had no plans to sell the mattress separately. I thought this was unfortunate because there may be people who want just the mattress who already have the base they want to use or don't want an adjustable base at all and it seemed to me that their market would be larger if they sold them separately (and they would probably end up selling more adjustable beds as well) but they don't see things the same way.

The concept is a good one IMO and is certainly interesting to me even though I have no direct personal experience with it. Personally zoned support systems like this can have real advantages in certain circumstances if they are zoned correctly for the needs of the individual but can also be overly complex in some cases and difficult to fine tune.

Their latex is a variant of the Dunlop process which can produce softness levels that are similar to soft Talalay.

Like all mattresses though ... I would also want to know more information about the materials in the mattress. Specifically ...

The latex tubes are made of "mostly natural rubber" but it would be good to know the details of the blend percentage. Is "mostly" 51% or something higher.

It also contains a layer of polyfoam (the soyfoam) and I would want to know the thickness and the density of this layer. This could be a potential weak link of the mattress.

In terms of value ... it would depend on whether someone wanted an adjustable bed to go with their mattress or whether this was an extra "unwanted" expense and of course on whether the benefits of the particular design outweighed the extra cost of the mattress compared to more simple latex designs that didn't use the latex tubes but provided great pressure relief and alignment without them. The extra benefits vs cost question could only be answered on an individual basis of course because different people may feel differently about the mattress.

I know someone who tested these extensively over a period of several months because he wanted to become involved in their marketing and he told me they were the most comfortable mattress he had ever slept in ... but he also wasn't able to convince them to sell the mattress separately. I don't know how much of his feedback and perceptions were based on wanting to like it for marketing reasons or were "unbiased" but I got the sense that he really did like it more than any other mattress he had tried (mostly premium mattresses).

I wish I could provide more feedback based on personal experience but actually testing the mattress is still in my future at some point :)

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