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TOPIC: Ebay Mattress - Memory Foam Outlet, Miami, FL

Ebay Mattress - Memory Foam Outlet, Miami, FL 17 Oct 2012 11:50 #1

Does anyone have any info on this company. They claim to be made in the USA. I can't find any info about the company itself. They do have 100% positive feedback. Here is the link to the auction:
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Re: Ebay Mattress - Memory Foam Outlet, Miami, FL 17 Oct 2012 22:30 #2

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Hi Rockindaddy,

You can see my comments about Memory Foam Factory Direct in post #2 here.

I normally don't spend much time researching Ebay sellers because the end result is so often the same (I wouldn't buy from most of them) but since you are the second one to ask about them ... I thought I'd connect a few dots in this case based on some notes I have about them and some online research.

The listing has two phone numbers. One is the number on the listing 1-877-493-6978 and the other is the number for their sleepmemoryfoam store which is 1-800-718-0468

1-877-493-6978 connects to which is a placeholder site where you just fill in the blanks about how long you have been in business etc.
If you click on home you will get (note the index.html)
If you remove the "l" on the end of this you get a completely different site

1-800-718-0468 connects to (which is the site mentioned by SleepingLes in the post I linked) as well as

Their bbb listing is and shows it is owned by Mr. Jeffrey Batic

On this site you will see a 13" mattress called the Arcadian that has only 3" of either 4 lb density memory foam for $849 queen or 3" of 5.3 lb memory foam for $949

If you go to you will see this mattress that lists the memory foam as 3.3 lbs

A few comments that indicate that their satisfaction rate is not 100% (which of course is probably true of all companies) ...

They say they have a local store in their various websites ..
We also carry many of the name brand mattresses you see in stores. As our memory foam beds have grown in popularity with our local customer base we decided to launch a website that prominently features our memory foam products at the same great prices our local customs have enjoyed for years.

but a search on the various addresses they have listed in various places on their sites and around the web leads to warehouses, private homes, or incomplete or incorrect addresses including ...

The difficulty with these vendors is that the feedback comes very quickly and are written in the excitement of "the deal" and most consumers have little idea about how to determine what is a good quality mattress. In addition to this ... return costs on a mattress like this can be more than the cost of the mattress if you make a "mistake".

I could probably do more research on them but I have enough question marks and doubts that I would hesitate to buy from them.

If you are buying a new mattress, make sure you have read
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Re: Ebay Mattress - Memory Foam Outlet, Miami, FL 18 Oct 2012 00:17 #3

Thank you. Yes, I did a phone number search as well and I think I'll stay away from this company. Like they say, "If it's too good to be true".
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