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This website was developed because of the growing need to provide a source of accurate unbiased information regarding mattresses, their construction, the materials used to make them, and where to buy them, in response to the ever increasing amount of misinformation and "advertising copy" masquerading as truth that is becoming the "norm" in the mattress industry. In addition to this, there are very few sources of accurate information that are not dominated by a hidden agenda. As you read through the pages here you will quickly see that we don't pull any punches in offering our opinions and you will also see that our opinions are backed by research and the reasons why we believe what we do.

While in general our opinions are based on our ongoing research into all areas of the mattress industry, we do admit to a few biases. The most important of these is towards smaller local, regional and even some national mattress manufacturers that are quietly building exceptionally high quality mattresses using the best materials available to them, and construction methods that in many cases they have learned over several generations. These are mattress manufacturers who are motivated by service, quality, and value,

and in many if not most cases are privately owned and run by "mattress people" rather than "money machines". Many of them sell to the public through "factory direct" outlets or have short supply chains that sell through through smaller, service oriented and knowledgeable sleep shops, and are available either locally, regionally, or through online outlets. They tend to be very open about what they put in their mattresses and why they make them the way they do and best of all, they usually produce mattresses that are higher quality than their more "commercial" equivalent at a much lower cost ... in some cases close to half the "sale prices" of comparable mattresses made by larger manufacturers. In other cases they sell mattresses that cannot truly be compared to any other "mass market" mattress. There are several hundred of these manufacturers in the USA and Canada and I have been fortunate to have had extended conversations with literally dozens of them and am grateful that so many of them have shared their knowledge and their "secrets" with me. This information and hundreds of hours spent lying on mattresses and with online research is the source of the information in this website.

In addition to these high value manufacturers, I have also had extended conversations with dozens of high quality retail outlets ... also run by "mattress people" ... who are also motivated by a sincere desire to provide service, quality, and value. These have also freely shared with me their knowledge about mattresses and the industry from their own unique perspectives. Unlike so many of the larger chain stores who are primarily staffed by poorly trained and misinformed employees who are motivated by making the sale at all costs, these wonderful retail outlets are dedicated to giving their customers accurate information, identifying their mattress needs, and selling them a quality mattress at a fair price and profit. They don't rely on "fake sales" or other tricks to create a false sense of urgency and are happy to give their customers the time to do some comparison shopping and make a good decision. They know they provide good value and an educated consumer is their friend. They will often carry high quality mattresses made by these smaller local and regional manufacturers that have much higher value than the more common brands available in chain stores, however they will often carry the major brands as well so that true comparisons can be made. These retailers exist by the hundreds in all areas of the country and can be trusted to help you choose the best mattress for you.

We at The Mattress Underground have three main goals. The first is to give consumers a place where they can learn the truth about different mattresses, construction methods, and materials so they can be armed with helpful information in their search for their perfect mattress. The second is to connect these local and regional manufacturers and retailers with consumers in their area, region, and across the country so that consumers know where to go to buy their mattresses and benefit from the kind of value we talk about on this website. Our third goal is a larger one and that is to help change the direction of the industry so that false advertising, misleading information, poor mattress construction, and deceptive sales practices no longer dominate the industry and that the facts and the truth becomes the main source of consumer information.

We believe that by connecting together manufacturers, retailers, and consumers who share our values, ideals, and goals, that The Mattress Underground can become a counterbalance to the influences that currently control the industry and help everyone who shares these values to prosper whether they make mattresses, sell mattresses, or buy mattresses.

This website has a forum, a section all about mattresses, a section all about where to buy them, a section with more detailed articles, and a blog with my personal thoughts about this project and the industry in general. This is the basic information that was necessary before it launched. What you see now will grow rapidly over the coming weeks, months, and years and include information about every area of the mattress industry and many things that are connected. I hope you will benefit from the information here and hope too that you will join us in our forum and ask your questions and offer your opinions and experiences, no matter what they may be. With a growing number of consumers, retailers, and manufacturers who believe as we do and are able to connect, we can truly change the directions this industry has taken. If you share these core values, either as a manufacturer, retailer, or consumer, then ..... Welcome to The Mattress Underground.


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