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What do you think of "this mattress"?

A simple question ... but a question that if asked in our mattress forum could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. It could also save you from the frustration ... and expense ... of finding out that the mattress you purchased didn't last nearly as long as you believed it would before developing the "issues" with wear, body impressions, and the general deterioration of comfort and support that you can read about everywhere on the web. Even worse ... many people quickly discover that the mattress that felt so comfortable in the store or that you were assured was so "wonderful" or "such a great deal" wasn't even suitable for their circumstances, sleeping style or body makeup and should never have been sold to them in the first place. Mattresses that end up causing issues with aches and pains and "less than restful" sleep may not be quite so "wonderful" after a very few weeks or months after all.

In reading the extensive materials and guides on this website, you will quickly come to realize that much of the "great advice" you will hear from so many "well intentioned" but poorly trained sales people is usually not so great and that the mattress you are considering and the "marketing story" or endorsement that is attached to it may not be as accurate or truthful as you are being led to believe. The best part is that any question in our mattress forum (or any other post that is relevant to mattresses) will not only give you membership in The Mattress Underground, but will help you sort through the mass of poor quality mattress information that has become the norm for the industry. The discount you will receive from some of the highest quality and value mattress manufacturers in North America is of course an additional bonus.

In addition to the resources available on this site, our mattress forum offers personal guidance about your situation and an "analysis" of any mattress you may be considering. We will help you find the best local manufacturers and retail outlets in your area and if you choose to purchase from one of our members, you will also receive the additional membership discount simply by letting them know you are a member of The Mattress Underground. With the help of the resources on this website and the personal guidance from our forum, you will quickly learn how to separate "stories" from fact. Most important of all, you will be able to find the manufacturers and retail outlets who will give you information you can trust to be accurate and helpful ... outlets that care more about helping you buy a great mattress than they do about "making the sale" or putting profit and commission above your long term satisfaction.

As you can read in the different sections of this website, our hundreds of hours of research and conversations with mattress manufacturers and retail outlets have already done the homework for anyone who is looking for a mattress. This has also included extensive and ongoing research into the different mattress materials and construction methods since of course the actual materials in a mattress and its construction quality are far more important than the brand name that is attached to it. Not only does our list include almost every mattress manufacturer in North America and some of the best retail outlets from across the country, we have also developed a working relationship with some of the best of these. The goal of all of this is of course to help you find "your perfect mattress" that includes quality materials at a price that is well within any budget you may have.

As you will read in other areas of this website, one of the most amazing discoveries we made in our mattress research was how many of these quality local and regional manufacturers there were. It would be fair to say it is one of the most valuable "hidden secrets" of the mattress industry. Over this same period of time, as our information and database grew, we helped many people connect with these manufacturers by providing them with specific information about the best mattress for their situation and preferences, and with information about the best places to buy them in their area. We also discovered that most people who buy mattresses are more often than not stioll buying major brands from larger more "well known" outlets and national chain stores. Even at their best sale prices, these mattresses were costing them substantially more than the regular everyday prices of these local and regional manufacturers. Unfortunately, these more expensive mattresses were also made of much lower quality materials that would not last nearly as long but this lower quality was being "covered up" by the advertising, marketing practices, stories, and endorsements that have replaced real consumer education as the main source of mattress information.

Even more amazing was that most people didn't even know that these local manufacturers ... including those in the same city where they lived ... even existed. It was clear that most consumers had "bought the stories" from the major manufacturers and retail outlets that "name brands" were better mattresses and that "off brands" were somehow a lesser choice. This of course is another part of the story that allows larger manufacturers to dominate the market by misleading consumers and one of the many methods they use to discourage comparative shopping and meaningful research into the materials that are in their mattresses. Even the most basic research into the materials used by these major mattress manufacturers and into consumer reviews that are readily available everywhere made clear that these "stories" were just that ... stories meant to sell lower quality mattresses at higher prices ... using some rather misleading and deceptive marketing practices. It's no wonder that the reputation of the mattress industry in general has declined and that mattress shopping has become one of the most difficult and frustrating of all consumer purchases.

As I was able to help more and more people re-discover these local and regional brands, buy a better, more suitable mattress, an save a great deal of money along the way, it became clear that a site that would make this information more widely available and share with people the results of my research and conversations could help many thousands of people. As I talked with several manufacturers about the idea, I discovered that many of them were already well aware of the help I had given people in other forums. Many of these, ... and in particular the ones that were owned and run by "mattress people" ... were highly supportive. These manufacturers don't need "mattress sales" as their regular prices are already better than the best "sale prices" at larger more visible outlets and the mattresses they sell are much higher quality. They encourage comparative shopping and knowledge about materials because they know that the value they are offering is far superior to more highly advertised outlets and brands. In spite of not needing sales or discounts to sell their mattresses, every one of them that has become a member of The Mattress Underground have agreed to give our forum members an additional discount or a bonus to go with their mattress purchase. This discount is on top of prices that are already better than anything a consumer will find in the major brands.

There are few consumer purchases as important as the mattress you buy. Not only will you be spending many hours every night sleeping on it, the quality of your sleep can affect every other area of your life. We can help to take the "pain" and frustration out of mattress shopping, connect you with brands and outlets you can trust, and help you find the quality and value that so many people sadly never find.

All of this can begin with a single question. If you are looking for "your perfect mattress", then we hope to see you in our forum!

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