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About Christeli:

Christeli is a family owned mattress manufacturing business since 1931, that brings innovation and creative design to their high-quality handcrafted mattresses, and holds one of the best standards in the industry for quality/value, knowledge, transparency, and service. With over 80 years of mattress manufacturing experience, they are specializing in memory foam mattresses, with two of their higher end models featuring latex cores. Christeli is also one of the mattress manufacturers who is relying mostly on the quality/value of their products and the impeccable service they provide to “speak” for their business rather than engaging in aggressive advertising practices which in the end would translate into higher costs for their customers. Their 3 collections and most of their 9 mattress models have various adjustability options to cover a large range of sleeping needs and preferences.

Design, Manufacturing Process & Materials:

  • Christeli mattresses with their innovative modular design (topper and base mattress) have gone through many prototype iterations before reaching the market.
  • Two of their high-end mattresses use 100% natural latex as support base. 
  • The polyfoam (2 lb/ft3 density) mattress support base is reversible for most models allowing for two firmness adjustment levels and its five zoned spinal support is designed to help maintain posture and alignment for most body types.
  • The high-density polyfoam edge support surrounds the polyfoam or latex support base adding more sleeping surface and prolonging the life of the mattress.
  • Each of their mattresses is hand built by a team of well-seasoned craftsman and undergo a rigorous inspection process (before and after assembly) to ensure the highest quality. 
  • Their mattresses are suitable for higher BMI people (300 lbs. or higher depending on the model). 
  • They use high-quality materials (5 to 8 lbs/ft3 memory foam, 2 lbs/ft3 soy-based polyfoam, and latex), all sourced in the USA.
  • Christeli mattresses use a proprietary CertiPure-US certified memory foam formulation Super Cool™ Visco-Elastic Technology with very large open cells and air pockets that is ventilated and allows for constant airflow thus reducing the sleeping temperature.
  • Flame Retardant: a proprietary laminated FR barrier made of rayon and silica.
  • Hand selected organic cotton and cashmere for the cover and silk quilting.

Customer service & Price Point: Christeli sleep specialists provide phone consulting to answer questions related to technologies and to make recommendations specific to each customer. They also have an online Mattress matchmaker questionnaire to help prospective customers research and narrow down mattress choices based on sleeping needs, preferences and budget to find the most suitable and best-fit mattresses. The price point for any of the nine mattresses Christeli has available is much lower than competing brand name mattresses made of lower quality construction and materials. Christeli offers a 50-night in-home trial. If your mattress is too firm, or too soft, Christeli will exchange it for a different model and will refund all the shipping costs. In my recent conversations with them, I found them to be knowledgeable, transparent, and informative. They are certainly among some of the best online memory foam choices available,

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Online eCommerce Presence: Christeli
Retail Presence: showroom location and manufacturing facility in Greenville, SC
  Greenville, South Carolina   627 Congaree Road
  Greenville, SC 29607
  (800) 613-4193
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  • Street: 627 Congaree Road
  • Postcode: 29607
  • HQ Location: Greenville, SC
  • Country: United States


  • Telephone: 1 (800) 613-4193
  • Type: Online , Local/Regional
  • Discount: 5% Off product or highest current promotions
    Discount code: underground5