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CozyPure is a vertical retailer. All mattresses and bedding are designed, produced, and shipped direct to customers from their Norfolk, Virginia workshop. Since they are the actual manufacturer, there is no 3rd-party retail store markups on their products. CozyPure (originally known as Tomorrow's World) has been dealing directly with customers all across the country since 1991 (almost 30 years), and they've gained many insights about what is most comfortable for most people versus many of the newer startups who are just beginning their learning curve.

Since they are the actual manufacturer of their products, it's easy for them to quickly make changes to continually improve the performance and quality of their sleep system designs. They also have strict guidelines on using the highest quality materials, made only from natural and organic ingredients. They don't cut corners to make a cheaper product, therefore they may sometimes appear to be a little higher, so when researching it's important to thoroughly compare specific details of the design (for example two-sided cover, full border flange, scrim, fully assembled, flame retardants, etc), as well as all materials, such as fabric weight and type (knits or wovens), synthetic blends, GOTS or GOLS certified, etc. All of these often overlooked fine details will result in a higher or lower cost.
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Outlines of CozyPure Designs:

CozyPure offers the following builds::
  • 7", 9", 10, 12" (double-sided quilted cover accounts for 1" of materials used in the build)
  • The expandable top panel allows for an additional 2" layer, transforming one model into another:

• 7" mattress can become the 9" at any time  

• 10" mattress can become the 12" at anytime

  • Mattresses with 3" comfort layers (10" and 12") available with custom firmness (Soft, Medium, Firm, XFirm)
  • My-Side Your-Side middle-split custom comfort (10" and 12"), at no additional charge
  • Top-zipper provides easy access to comfort layers, which can be changed and/or rearranged if necessary.
  • Reverse-Flip Comfort: Double-sided mattress with two firmness choices, just flip it over for a firmer feel
  • Raw materials: Natural or Certified Organic Dunlop Latex, Organic Wool and Organic Cotton; no synthetics or blends
  • 300gr weight GOTS-certified 100% organic cotton stretch knit matelasse top panel fabric
  • 7 oz GOTS-certified 100% organic cotton woven twill fabric on the bottom panel and side border
  • 100% organic cotton is also on the quilt backing (scrim) for entire cover (top, bottom, sides)
  • Full border flange (organic cotton and wool), for extra protection against latex oxidation and/or tearing
  • No chemical fire retardants, only wool is used in the quilting to pass the open flame test
  • Heavy duty brass zipper on covers for added durability and strength
  • Layering: Both internal (interchangeable layers, no glues) and external (top of bed removable toppers)
  • Lifetime Comfort Correction: You don't have to decide in 90 days to get the "trial deal" for changing your layer. Correct the comfort when you need it, even 10 years later, at a low wholesale price with shipping included (one time only). After that, of course, normal prices
  • No assembly required, made to order just for you, and ready to enjoy right out of the box
  • DIY layered latex mattress also available at a lower cost for those who don't mind assembling the mattress
  • Amish kiln-dried "Zoned" Wood Slat Foundations, made in Virginia from FSC-certified wood

All of CozyPure's assembled mattresses feature a durable, solid 6" natural latex core as the primary support, which offers better structural performance than using cut 3" layers for the support base. The customer then chooses the comfort layer above the core. For people who like the idea of building their own bed, Cozypure also offers a DIY latex layered bed at a lower price, which the customer puts together, made with 3" layers.

CozyPure also handcrafts a complete line of premium organic bedding accessories (pillows, toppers, comforters, blankets, mattress pads, sheets) to enhance your sleep system. Mattress customers automatically become members of their CUDDLE UP CLUB and receive lifetime discounts on all CozyPure bedding products. If you enjoy organic bedding, this membership can save you hundreds of dollars when purchasing products.

Online Presence: CozyPure (ships nationwide)

Retail Presence: Showroom location in Norfolk, Virginia
    NORFOLK, VA   2308 Granby Street
  Norfolk, VA 23517
  (800) 229-7571
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  • HQ Location: Norfolk, VA
  • Country: United States


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