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Dormio Organic Beds

Areas of Expertize: ORGANIC & NATURAL MATTRESSES & Bedding Alternatives

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    ABOUT Dormio Organic Beds

    Dormio Organic Beds specializes in organic/natural latex mattresses & bedding and has the largest selection available in Canada. Their designs include mattress customization before and after the purchase. Their comprehensive collections range from basic models to premium luxury models, accommodating all budget needs. Dormio is also Canadian owned, designed and made, keeping a high standard in all that they do.

    Dormio’s team of sleep specialists are highly experienced, knowledgeable, and make every effort to eliminate confusion and much of the trial and error that consumers usually experience when shopping for a sleeping system. They are very skilled in matching customers with the right mattress, as time and time again consumers return to our site and report impeccable customer care, which seems to stem from a simple and clear philosophy:

    "An educated customer is our best customer,
    we are providing them with all the necessary tools to make the best possible decision."

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Retail Location Address Phone/Contact
Toronto, ON 2477 Dufferin Street, Design District (Dufferin & Castlefield) Toronto, Ontario M6B 3P9 (855) 535-8687
(905) 608-1135
Mississauga/Oakville, ON 2575 Dundas Street West, Home & Design Centre, Mississauga, Ontario L5K 2M6 (855) 535-8687
(905) 608-1135
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  • HQ Location: Mississauga/Oakville, Toronto, Kitchener, Vaughan/Woodbridge
  • Country: Canada


  • Type: Online , Local/Regional
  • Discount: 5% off Mattress
    Discount Code: dor-tmu