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About FloBeds

Flobeds is one of the original pioneer manufacturers of component latex mattresses boasting nearly 40 years in the bedding industry and making high-quality personally crafted latex mattresses of unique designs. With customizable cores and a “vZone” (5 zones) layer option, it is easy to find just the right combination for each sleeper. They also have a Goldilocks Guarantee where you can continue to make changes to your mattress as your body changes over time. They are a certified B-Corp using premium organic materials with mattresses made in their manufacturing facility in Fort Bragg, Northern California and sold worldwide. They have more than 20 years experience selling online and being able to recommend the right mattress to people who have not had the advantage of laying on them to test the product for compatibility.

They are very knowledgeable and take great care of their customers with attention to detail and customer service. They also make a line of latex/memory foam mattresses and some premium mattresses that include some less commonly seen materials including coir and horsehair.

Outlines of FloBeds Designs:

  • Raw materials used:  Natural/Organic Talalay Latex, Organic Wool and Organic Cotton
  • Cover
    1" Organic cotton EuroKnit quilted to organic wool
  • Comfort Layer:
    2" Talalay latex convoluted for pressure relief, comfort and air flow is the top layer of their Latex Mattresses
    3" vZone Layer: Talalay zones to provide targeted pressure relief.
  • Support Layers: customizable for each sleeper for the right confort/firmness
    3" Talalay latex Soft, Medium, Firm, X-Firm or SuperFirm.
    3" Talalay latex Soft, Medium, Firm, X-Firm or SuperFirm.
  • Euro Slat Foundation: 
    Contouring bent beech slats from Europe to provide both give and rotation
    Responds to the shifting planes of the body
    The perfect support for a Latex Mattress.

Online Presence: FloBeds does most of its business online and ships worldwide
Retail Presence: Their showroom is in Fort Bragg, California where all the systems are made.
  Fort Bragg   234 E Redwood Ave
  Fort Bragg, CA 95437
  1(800)356-2337 / (707)964-5700
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  • Street: 234 East Redwood Ave
  • Postcode: 95437
  • HQ Location: Fort Bragg, CA
  • Country: United States


  • Telephone: (800) 356-2337
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Type: Online , Local/Regional
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