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 As of April 8th, 2019 The Mattress Underground Welcomes GhostBed as a TMU Trusted Member! 

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    ABOUT GhostBed

    Marc Werner is the founder and CEO of GhostBed. He is well-known for his various industry-related patents and his 20-year involvement in the mattress industry. Nature’s Sleep is his wholesale brand and GhostBed is their direct to consumer e-commerce line.

    After undergoing three major neck surgeries, Marc knew what it was like to be in pain every single day. In 2001, after failing to find a comfortable mattress and pillow that supported his neck and back, and he decided to invent his own. That’s when he founded Nature’s Sleep. Their manufacturing and production facilities are now entirely the USA based for American sold mattresses and Canadian based for mattresses sold in Canada.

    Fast-forward to 2015 when Nature’s Sleep introduced GhostBed. Their added goal was simple: to create a bigger, better and more affordable mattress while still offering the best service in the industry. To make it easier to find the best-match “ideal” mattress they used only quality and durable components and eliminated the need for sometimes inaccurate in-store “testing” by introducing (quite early relative to other players) the GhostBed 101 nights risk free, thus giving their customers the chance to fall in love with the product in their own homes and ensure suitability.

    Since GhostBed was introduced, they now have 3-Premium Mattresses in their lineup which is all designed for optimal comfort and support. Click the PRODUCTS tab above for details and highlights

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Plantation, FL 7143 West Broward Blvd. Plantation, FL 33317 (855) 855-4499
eCommerce Presence: GhostBed Contact here
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  • HQ Location: Plantation, FL
  • Country: Canada, United States


  • Type: Online , Local/Regional
  • Discount: UNDERGROUNDFLEX ~ $210 off GhostBed Flex
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