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Kiss Mattress by SleepEZ

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Kiss Mattress is a new launch by SleepEZ and is also one of the new breed of "simplified choice mattresses". They have comfort layers that are a combination of Talalay latex on top of a 4 lb high performance hybrid polyfoam that has many of the properties of memory foam without the slower response and temperature sensitivity that is typical of most memory foams on top of a 2 lb polyfoam base layer and is also a very high quality/value choice. A Pillow Bonus is provided for the forum members here.


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Discount Code:  Please use  MUG10  at checkout during the purchase process.
Good to know about discounts:
  • The discount listed above is the highest discount offered by Kiss Mattress by SleepEZ during this season ...
  • SleepEZ is very consumer-oriented and wishes to ensure that TMU consumer members take advantage of the highest discounts they offer that you do not need to waste valuable time by "shopping" around for better deals or coupons.
  • Just in case that we did not have a chance to calibrate discounts between sites ... Kiss Mattress SleepEZ will always honor the highest discount ... just make sure to mention the MUG10 code or and they will always apply the highest discount of the two.
  • This also works the other way around... if their own site Sales/Promos has ended and if TMU has a higher discount listed they will apply the highest discount listed on TMU site.

TMU Consumer Member Discount: 5% Off Mattress 
Discount Code: The Mattress Underground
Website: Kiss Mattress by SleepEZ  (Limited shipping area)
  TEMPE, AZ   900 N. Scottsdale Road
  TEMPE, AZ 85281
  (800) 804-0136
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  • HQ Location: Tempe, AZ
  • Country: United States


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  • Discount: NEW 10% off Mattresses (Code: MUG10)
    Default Discount: 5% Off Mattress (Code: MUG)