Latex Mattress Factory

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 About Latex Mattress Factory (LMF)

Latex Mattress Factory makes a 7" 100% natural Dunlop latex mattress with an organic cotton cover quilted with natural wool that is available in a range of different firmness levels. They also sell individual Dunlop latex layers and a stretch knit cover for those who wish to build their own DIY latex mattress. They are also knowledgeable and experienced and carry good quality/value products 

Online Presence: Latex Mattress Factory (ships nationwide and Canada)
Retail Presence: Showroom and manufacturing facility in Tempe, Arizona
    Tempe, AZ      900 N Scottsdale Rd   
  Tempe, AZ 85281E   
  (800) 710-9846   
Logo TMU 410x411
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  • HQ Location: Tempe, AZ
  • Country: United States


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