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Restmore has offered factory direct mattresses since 1947, and relies on client satisfaction and word of mouth to build their reputation and customer base. One of Restmore's ultimate goals is consumer education and will educate and support clients as they select or build a mattress based on personal comfort needs, quality, and budget. 

Restmore builds mattresses in all standard sizes and can custom size a mattress to fit your custom application. Along with all standard sizes, they also offer European sizes, waterbed sizes, RV mattress sizes, foam core mattresses, camping foams, economy to super luxury feels, specialty needs, electric beds, and more. They can serve customers ranging from private individuals to hotel buyers, camp operators, schools and universities. 
Website: Restmore Bedding  (Limited shipping area)
  Winnipeg, MB   527 Waterfront Drive
  Winnipeg, MB R3B 0G8
  (204) 942-4701
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  • HQ Location: Winnipeg, MB
  • Country: Canada


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