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Ron Shovlin and Kara Shovlin are a husband and wife duo who own and run Shovlin Mattress. Formerly known as “The Mattress Factory,” the business was founded by Brian Strell in 1972. Marlene and Richard Shovlin, Ron’s mother and father, eventually bought the business as their own in 1987. Upon Ron becoming the sole owner of the flagship store in 2007, the name was changed to Shovlin Mattress.

Shovlin offers innerspring, latex, organic, and custom mattresses, including a number of flippable and two-sided options. 

Shovlin mattresses are made with comfort, durability, resilience, and customer satisfaction in mind. Ron and Kara are extremely knowledgeable and are great at myth-busting different aspects of the mattress industry! 
Website: Shovlin Mattress Company  (Limited shipping area)
  Fanwood, NJ   35 South Ave, Fanwood
  Fanwood, NJ 07023
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  • HQ Location: Fanwood, NJ
  • Country: United States


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