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Understanding our latex mattress and topper experiences

04 Mar 2019 09:21 - 04 Mar 2019 09:25 #11 by ripvanvinkle
Return of core mattress underway. Interestingly, my wife began experiencing back pain with the core mattress a bit before/during my earlier posts; using just the toppers (3 inch Dunlop medium, two Dunlop soft toppers, 3 inch and 2 inch) seems have resolved that.

Our order for a 3 inch Talalay soft topper is in process. I guess we might need another 3 inch Dunlop medium for the base, but we think a six inch medium-soft Dunlop topper base should work. We hope to reserve the remaining 2 inch Dunlop soft topper for traveling purposes, if the Talalay topper seals the deal.

Meanwhile, we are weighing whether to buy a cotton cover now/wait/never, probably 'wait'. We noticed that using a simple waterproof encasement seemed to make everything (too) firm earlier on. Is that typical? We have been sleeping on 'naked' toppers, under a very light, simple mattress pad, and sheets of course ;-), and glad to continue doing that, unless it is dumb and/or will wreck durability of latex.

Bottom line: willing to buy a nice cotton cover, probably from Arizona Premium, or not, as wise, since we are now committed to our rolling DIY solution. Please advise.
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04 Mar 2019 11:04 #12 by Arizona Premium
The one thing that can degrade the durability of latex is direct exposure to light. Having a cover over everything will help with that a lot.

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20 Mar 2019 14:46 - 20 Mar 2019 14:52 #13 by ripvanvinkle
I dedicate this War-and-Peace length post to confirming the intensely 'personal' nature of how people perceive their mattresses, obviously (hopefully?) within some rational bounds:

We did order a 3 inch plush (soft) natural Talallay topper from Arizona Premium Mattress. Naturally, we put it on top. It was bouncy, jiggly, slap-happy and otherwise there. I am a very restless sleeper. We (i.e., my wife) had been enjoying the suppressed motion of our Dunlop toppers, well, until ... this. Oddly, both of us also seemed to slide towards the middle.

Having collected four toppers (3 inch Talallay soft, 3 inch Dunlop medium, 3 inch Dunlop soft, 2 inch Dunlop soft), I conducted a blind taste-test by swapping toppers around, having my wife lie down on them, guess which-layer-was-which, and, of course, share how she felt.

My forever-spouse (side-sleeper, decent health but fibromyalgia) guessed more wrong than right, though not always. Most interesting and unexpected was her discovery that she prefers the Dunlop medium on top. If I hadn't blind-tested, she/we would never have tried this. To keep this from becoming a book, I'll skip related, interesting experiments, but I highly recommend this pseudo-scientific approach if you are collecting toppers like some people once collected stamps.

My questions in this post come from where we ended up, listing from topper-top to bottom: Dunlop 3 inch medium, Dunlop 3 inch soft, Dunlop 2 inch soft, Tallalay 3 inch soft, yeah, on the bottom.

(The toppers are enclosed by two sweet Jersey cotton fitted sheets that overlap/snug each other. These seem to provide a slight, welcome sense of overall firmness/connectedness to our floppy toppers. Everything rests on a one-inch bunkie board, that sits on a metal Zinus platform.)

Where it counts, after a week, we are doing well. No back pain. She is sleeping well, I am sleeping decently enough, again a bit ironic, since I have always preferred firm, and she soft. Or so we thought. Point: we could continue this way, and well might. No questions here, these come next:

1. She claims the bed is still nicely bouncy. I can't feel the Tallalay at all. I think she mistakes the resilience of latex, generally, for 'bounciness'. Comments?

2. When I began the test with three 3 inch toppers, she claimed, as she has all along, that she can feel the bunkie board, though she admits she was probably conflating what happens when we kneel full-weight on the bed, and otherwise. This feeling disappears (she believes) with the fourth topper. Since (some) people sleep comfortably on the floor with two 3 inch toppers, I am working hard at persuading her to give up on the kneel-feel the board thing LOL, since, well, see below. Comments?

3. To test my belief we are 'wasting' our Tallalay at the bottom of four layers, she is game to try a few three-layer combinations. We will start with a 3 inch Dunlop medium, 3 inch Dunlop soft and the Tallalay on the bottom. Comments?

(FYI, explaining 3 above a bit, one of the taste-tests had these layers top-to-bottom: Dunlop medium, Tallalay soft, Dunlop soft, Dunlop soft. The fourth layer negated any 'feeling the board' sensation. Alas, Dunlop-medium-top-followed-by-Tallalay-soft felt fine for sleeping, but too bouncy for my restlessness, or so my wife guessed.)

I hope this thread may prove useful to others, partly on account of its very specificity, if not weirdness. I never expected this kind of result! Thankfully, we both love latex (first-time newbies) and my wife has surrendered her former belief that we will (always) need a coil foundation as base. Hey, we may buy one just for the sheer collection value, but thank you, Ken, for patiently refusing to recommend that, both here and on another occasion. You could have gotten a coil order in a second, even if you had merely expressed uncertainty.

Meanwhile, I guess that:

.. We will end up using some three-layer version of toppers.

.. The Tallalay should be the second-layer, given our preference for medium at the top.

.. We could put one or both of the soft toppers at the bottom, but probably don't really need either of them there.

And a final question: I don't think we can return/exchange the Tallalay topper, but would a one-inch or two-inch Tallalay topper likely have made a big difference re: having it on the top (motion sickness) or as a for-sure second layer below the medium?

Thanks to all, especially Ken, for help to date.
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20 Mar 2019 15:23 #14 by Arizona Premium
All I can say is that we all have different requirements and isn't it nice to be able to basically design your own bed with the use of latex foam. Glad to have been some help and I would have that soft talalay topper on top if it were me but like I said, we are all different.

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20 Mar 2019 15:25 #15 by ripvanvinkle
"isn't it nice to be able to basically design your own bed with the use of latex foam."


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