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Hybrid Advice - Zones, ILDs, and Toppers!

15 Apr 2019 14:01 #1 by iloveresearch
Hi Ken! I'm very excited to dive into the world of mattresses (and can't wait to get a better night's sleep)! I was wondering if I could pick your brain on a build and get your advice on how to proceed.

Myself: 5'10", 130 lbs, BMI 19, female, wide hips but wider shoulders, small waist, lanky, long neck/torso
Fiancé: 6'8", 225 lbs, BMI 25, male, wide shoulders, small waist, lanky, loooong legs
Sleeping Style: roughly 60% side, 40% back/stomach, moderate tossing/turning
Key Concerns: I often have lower right back pain, that area is often inflamed and protrudes more than the left side so I'm uneven; I recently injured my neck and wake up with stiff and sore neck/shoulders; my fiancé often wakes up sore with aches in his shoulders and back
Other Considerations: my fiancé often feels hot when asleep, so something breathable and temperature neutral would be great; not sure how to phrase this delicately, but we have an active sex life so that is a major consideration in addition to sleep quality
Current Frame: Solid wood platform bed, queen, 17 slats, center support leg, max 800 lbs

Proposed Build:
Support core: L&P Bolsa Quantum Edge Elite
Comfort layer: 3" talalay (natural or blend), medium (high-20s, low-30s ILD)
Cover: ~1" wool or bamboo

1. Would you recommend hybrid or all latex?
2. If hybrid, would you recommend the combi-zone or bolsa? We were originally excited by the Queen Ultimate Hybrid, but after reading some more posts, it seems like zoned is less ideal for side sleepers and really tall folks. Is that correct?
3. Since we're a combination of side sleepers and heavy/tall frame, we're aiming for a medium comfort layer (high-20s ILD), does that seem right to you?
4. Do we need a second comfort layer or is the 3" latex comfort layer sufficient given our stats?

Thanks so much!!

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15 Apr 2019 16:55 #2 by Arizona Premium
The Eco Sleep and bolsa spring with the Medium Talalay is a good choice for side sleepers but in store our customers overwhelmingly choose the all latex over the hybrid. Alternately our DIY latex base cores in Medium with a Medium #28 Talalay topper is an even better choice with the bamboo/wool cover. Both designs will get you where you need to be however the spring action might me better for your extra activities, says the man with 5 children who sleeps on all latex.

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15 Apr 2019 17:03 #3 by Arizona Premium
Latex also breathes extremely well

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09 May 2019 19:15 #4 by iloveresearch
Hey Ken, just wanted to post an update, we received our Bolsa + Talalay Medium and latex pillows on Monday and so far it has been great! My fiancé says he felt a difference from the first night, and for the first time in a long time woke up without any aches. He's been excited to go to sleep early. I, myself, feel wonderfully supported by the mattress, it has alleviated a great deal of the tension in my lower back. Thanks again for all of your help online and over the phone, we've been really happy with both the mattress and with APM.

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10 May 2019 10:26 #5 by Arizona Premium
Glad to have helped you get a better nights sleep and thanks for the update.

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28 May 2019 18:38 #6 by iloveresearch
Hey Ken, checking back in after a few weeks and looking for some advice.

My fiancé and I have both begun accumulating some aches and waking up less and less refreshed. We think the medium might be too firm for us. It's great when we're lying on our back and stomach, but our shoulders and ribs ache when we're on our side (we're predominantly side sleepers).

What would you recommend (we have the Bolsa Eco Sleep Medium)?
1. Replace the 3" top layer medium #28 with the plush #19?
2. Keep the medium and add on a 2" or 3" softer topper (#19-24ish)?
3. Something else? Could it be a mismatch with the height of the latex pillows (which came with the mattress)?

Side note, the innerspring has not fully decompressed and is still several inches short of Queen size. We tried pushing and pulling the edges of the innerspring but no dice. Any other suggestions for getting it back to original size?


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29 May 2019 09:56 #7 by Arizona Premium
I would just add 2 or 3" of #19 over the mattress and that should take care of the issue. The springs are the correct size when they come in to us, we just re-roll and compress them when we ship so I don't understand why it hasn't resumed it's original size. I've not had any issues. I think with more use the springs will expand back to original size but let me know if they don't.

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31 May 2019 14:41 #8 by iloveresearch

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