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Microcoils an option in the Ultimate Hybrid?

01 Oct 2019 12:25 #1 by lorim
Looking for advice. I have tried an all latex mattress and regardless of configuration always eventually wind up within a few weeks with lower back pain and/or shoulder pain based on the configuration . Plus I seem to be the exception that sleeps hot on latex. At this point I think my best option at this point is to just go back to coils, or some type of hybrid.

I am wondering what you would recommend for me; female, 58 years, 5'9 and 186 pounds, primarily side sleeper, some back? I do struggle with sciatica and degenerative disk issues. I like a plush feel with good firm support.

I have been looking through TMU quite a bit recently and am still at a loss on what would be best for me. The Naturepedic EOS hybrid seemed like a good fit where I could use microcoils as the comfort layer instead of latex, but very pricey! Then I found Arizona's Ultimate Hybrid mattress that is at a much better price point and still great quality, but I am not sure if microcoils instead of latex as the comfort layer is an option? If you do not offer this as an option I am wondering if there is a reason? Having a hard time finding out much, good or bad, on microcoil usage.

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01 Oct 2019 15:42 #2 by Arizona Premium
Thank you for your interest in our products. I'm shocked to hear latex makes you sleep hot. It simply goes against everything I know and experience with latex. That being said, the problem with micro coils is that they are like an accordion and the only way to use them properly is to fix them to whatever they are on top of. That is a very challenging task for someone without the proper tools like a hog ring gun. The other option is to glue them down but then you can't really change them down the road when they start to lose support. The main reason we don't offer the micro coil on top of the Combi zone coil is that it just doesn't feel as good as latex and I tested it with numerous customers and they all agreed the latex felt better.

If you want to try it by building it from our components I do have micro coils from Leggett and Platt but I've outlined the challenges.

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03 Oct 2019 13:56 #3 by lorim
Thank you for the information on the micro coils, more to think and ask about when looking at mattresses! Saw one company that seems to have them encased somehow avoiding the glue, but couldn't really get a good picture of what that looked like. Not really sure which direction I am going to take at this point, just trying to gather information.

With sleeping hot on the latex, I had someone tell me that he thought the reason I was sleeping hot on the all latex was due to the dunlop support layers below the talalay.

Curious for your hybrid mattress what configuration you would recommend for me based on the info I provided; latex (soft/med/firm) and coils (bolsa or zoned) ?

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04 Oct 2019 10:21 #4 by Arizona Premium
I think the Bolsa spring would be best for you. The zoning of the combizone is better for back or stomach sleepers. 3" of soft Talalay over the coil would be my recommendation. We also now carry a gel infused memory foam that doesn't feel like memory foam but rather feels much more like latex. It's CertiPUR US and open cell foam so it actually breathes which has always been my biggest complaint about memory foam. This might be an option as an additional layer just in case you do have issues with the latex you can move this on top -

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05 Oct 2019 07:16 #5 by lorim
Thank you again, and I will look into the gel infused memory foam as an option as well.

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13 Nov 2019 11:06 #6 by Marshmallowforme
I am very interested in your experiences as I am very similar in physical description to you, same height, age, female etc. and also with back problems. One thing that I found helped with my all latex mattress was getting an adjustable bed and raising the feet, just a smidge when sleeping on my side. To where you just felt it begin to rise. This helped to even out the level of my lower legs with my hips. You can get adjustable beds very cheap on Amazon but compare prices with to make sure it is the best deal. Sams club and Walmart both have excellent return policies where they will come and pick it up.

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14 Nov 2019 06:48 #7 by lorim
It's been a struggle finding a mattress, my family is definitely at the eye rolling stage. What I figured out with the latex mattress I had was that it was the wool zip cover that was changing the feel just enough to cause the back pain. When I took that off and slept on the latex with just a mattress protector and sheet I finally slept very good, warm but good! Configuration that worked for me was T-Med/D-Med/D-Firm/D-XFirm (opted for the 4 layers for the height).

Long story short, I settled on a Luma Hybrid System (latex over zoned coils) mattress - as Luma uses a cover over the latex that is very flexible/stretchy that does not change the latex feel. I have had the mattress for a few weeks now and believe I have finally found a mattress that works for me. Still sleep warm, but I am willing to use less covering to wake up with less aches and pains.

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14 Nov 2019 07:11 - 14 Nov 2019 07:25 #8 by Marshmallowforme
Thanks Lorim! I will look at the Luma.

Can you describe all that you tried and what you thought about them? This will help me not to make the same mistakes.

For anyone else reading I will also describe my attempts.

I first tried the Joybed LXP in soft. This one started out pretty uncomfortable but softened over the weeks I used it. The problem was that I ordered a twinXL which arrived 5 inches too short and then when I checked the legal tags it had no info. on the contents. I figured they just sent out a prototype or made a mistake so let them send me another. Same problem, too short and no contents on the tag. Also it is advertised as 13" tall and comes at 11" tall with very little padding. They offered to send a 3rd but my husband was starting to get a little disgusted at becoming a mattress warehouse so I decided to move on. I might try to go back to them if they can somehow figure out how to produce and ship the product they advertise on their website.

2nd order was a My Green Mattress Natural Escape. I knew it was advertised as Medium Firm but figured I had two 2" natural Talalay soft pads here and an old fleece wool topper and a new Snugfleece wool elite on the way so I could add some comfort to it. But what I didn't count on was the middle third being rock hard. One night on it has thrown my back and hip out. I cannot spend the night on it again. My husband is going to see it through the 30 day sleep trial but also feels it is too hard so we ordered the My Green Mattress Plush Topper to see if it helps. Meanwhile it has our old 2" soft Talalay Latex topper on it to make it tolerable.

Is there any odor at all to the Luma? I notice they have HD foam as the base and I really want to avoid any smells coming from the mattress.

I definitely want something with coils because I like the feel better than my old full latex bed, especially on the adjustable base.
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14 Nov 2019 07:28 #9 by Marshmallowforme
In a quick read it seems the Luma Hybrid had the zoned coil system. Do you find the middle third to be harder than the ends? The plain Luma is listed as the Bolsa coil system that I thought might be better for me from the info listed on another post.

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14 Nov 2019 09:40 #10 by Arizona Premium
You might want to ask them is the fire barrier chemical or wool. I suspect it's chemical since they don't advertise that is has wool.

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