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DIY mattress configuration

19 Jan 2020 20:21 #1 by roosterfire
I am considering a DIY mattress build from Arizona. I am 5'10", 180lbs, my wife is 5'2", 190lbs.
The build I am considering is the Combizone coils, 3" Dunlop medium, 2" Talalay soft.
Does this sound reasonable considering our stats?
Do you recommend a batting under the coils?
Do I get the mattress cover to fit exactly? i.e. Coils 8" + Dunlop 3" + Talalay 2" = 13" mattress cover
I am looking at the bamboo and wool to cover.
Any and all input is appreciated. I have spent an extreme amount of time educating myself on buying a mattress, now I feel compelled to build one. Your company has my interest!
Thank you for your time.

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20 Jan 2020 07:42 #2 by happycat8
Sounds like a very good configuration to me. Depending on your budget, I would also consider this option (I am considering it myself and it is very reasonably priced):

Best Talalay topper made by Vita Talalay (Netherlands) is this one (although it's pricy):

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20 Jan 2020 08:37 #3 by Arizona Premium
Thank you for your interest in our products. The build you have selected sounds very reasonable for your stats so I can see how your research has paid off. You do not need any batting under the coil and the 13" cover is exactly what you will need to finish it off. The only suggestion I would add is if you both sleep mostly on your sides then you might want to go with a 3" soft instead of 2". So you could reverse the build with 2" medium dunlop under 3" soft Talalay. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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20 Jan 2020 09:51 #4 by happycat8
Dear Ken,

Who manufactures your latex and, more specifically, your Talalay toppers? On your website you link to videos by Vita Talalay ( ), but I couldn't find any explicit mention of Vita Talalay in the description. Also, on the Vita Talalay's list of vendors in the United States, I couldn't find your company:

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20 Jan 2020 11:48 #5 by roosterfire
I like your suggestion, I will deeply consider it before making my final decision. it follow a similar pattern to what I want to create; with adjustable layers. Thank you, sincerely.

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20 Jan 2020 16:11 #6 by Arizona Premium
We buy from both sources. Last week we received a shipment from Vita Talalay and today we received a shipment from Talalay Global. This way for those who want a choice we give it to them. I just notified Vita Talalay to make sure to include me in the store listings. This is new for them and since I am one of their oldest customers I'm sure it won't take long to add me.

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20 Jan 2020 16:17 #7 by Arizona Premium
We also carry the all natural Talalay 3" Vita Talalay in your choice of firmnesses and customizable at half the cost. Just FYI - If someone prefers Vita Talalay over the U.S. Talalay Global all they have to do is request it. It's now being warehoused here in Phoenix, AZ by Latexco so it's not a problem getting Vita Talalay in all natural or blended.

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21 Jan 2020 04:45 #8 by happycat8
Dear Ken,

Can you please provide the specs (ild, density) for Vita Talalay 3'' toppers? Product description on the page you linked to ( ) gives specs for Dunlop toppers, because each has a range. Talalay usually has precise ild for each firmness.

Also, since you mentions Latexco, does anybody sell their 5-zone and 7-zone latex mattresses, scroll down page here:

Thank you!

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21 Jan 2020 12:06 #9 by Arizona Premium
Natural Talalay has a range and that is true with both Vita Talalay and Talalay Global. Vita Talalay sometimes lists a specific ILD but what you don't know and I do is that it's the target ILD that they list. Target ILD's have a + or - of 2 which is why we list the more accurate range that it will fall into. So when we list Plush as 20-24 ILD the target ILD is 22 and that holds true through all the ranges listed on our website. Densities range from 50K (14ILD) to 91K (38ILD)

Latexco's zoned cores have not been very popular for them in the past but I will check to see if things have changed.

BTW I spoke with Vita Talalay and they quickly responded with our listing -

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21 Jan 2020 12:39 #10 by happycat8
Dear Ken,

Thank you for your explanation! Please, also ask Vita Talalay to add "Phoenix" on their list of locations:
Otherwise, there is no way for customers to find your company through their website directly.

I am thinking about buying two 2'' latex toppers, one around 30 ild and another one around 20 ild. Sleeponlatex Dunlop toppers ( ) would come to $159+$129 = $388 total. Vita Talalay on your website ( ) would come to $249+$249 = $498 total. Is Talalay latex that much more expensive than Dunlop, or does importing from Europe adds to the cost?

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