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DIY mattress build questions for Arizona Premium Mattress 08 Feb 2021 15:38 #1

I could use some help with a DIY mattress build.

I slept on Sealy Posturepedics for many years, but about 10 years ago, they stopped working for me. I've since tried Tempur-pedics and a Leesa original mattress. With each mattress, it feels good for a few months, but my pelvis eventually ends up sinking down too far and irritating my low back. I seem to have a narrow range of support that feels good to my lower back when I'm on my back or sides. I also need a lot of pressure-point relief.

I tried flipping over my 2-year-old Leesa mattress and putting a 2-inch memory foam topper (ILD 11) on the support side (ILD 32). That was really comfortable and supportive, on both sides and back, for a couple of months, but then my hips sank in too far.

Now I'm experimenting with DIY. I got a few individual polyfoam and latex layers and have been trying different configurations, but nothing is great so far. My current setup is:

2" memory foam (ILD 11)
3" latex (ILD 20, a 1-inch layer folded in thirds)
3" latex (ILD 30, a 1-inch layer folded in thirds)
4" HD foam (ILD 35)
4" HD foam (ILD 50, bought before I found out that firmer isn't always better)
foundation: adjustable base

It's a little too soft for my low back, but with thinner comfort layers, I sink down and hit the 35 ILD support layer, which is uncomfortably firm for me.

I like the feel of memory foam and of inner springs. I don't like the bounciness of all latex, though I don't mind some latex layers.

So. I seem to like (2-year-old) ILD 32 but not (new) ILD 35 in a support layer. I'm happy to replace any layers in my setup. I'm considering pocket coils as a support layer, since polyfoam may not give the support and durability I want.

My physical specs: 5'5", 160 pounds, female. Weight pretty evenly distributed, with narrower hips and a round belly. I sleep about 70% on my back and 30% on my sides. Partner is about 6', 160 pounds, male, back sleeper almost exclusively. We have similar mattress preferences, though his tend more toward firmer mattresses.

Any recommendations for pocket coils or another support layer? And for comfort layers that give a cushy feeling and good pressure-point relief?


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DIY mattress build questions for Arizona Premium Mattress 09 Feb 2021 08:45 #2

Thank you for the questions. We are very anti memory foam here for many reasons but in your case lack of support would be just one. The bounciness of latex is actually a good thing, it equals resistance which means it's supportive. I think a pretty good setup would be our 6" QE Bolsa pocket coil paired with 3" of #28 Talalay latex. I would wait to get a cover until you have the firmness where you want it. You have many items already that you could add if necessary to tweak the feel. Once you are happy you can then get the zippered cover to finish it off.

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DIY mattress build questions for Arizona Premium Mattress 09 Feb 2021 09:38 #3

Thanks, Ken. That confirms what I was thinking. I'll give you a call to talk about some more specifics.

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DIY mattress build questions for Arizona Premium Mattress 20 Feb 2021 11:08 #4

Hi Ken,

Thanks for your expertise and for shipping out the pieces I ordered so quickly. It turns out that 3" 28-ILD latex on top of the pocket coils was too soft for me, so I ended up adding in some other pieces to create a mattress that seems okay so far:

2" 11-ILD memory foam
3" 28-ILD latex
4" 35-ILD HD polyfoam
6" pocket coils

At 15", it's taller than I wanted, but I'm okay with that as long as it provides both support and comfort.

I figure as the layers break in, this setup also might become too soft under the hips. If that happens, I'm thinking I might replace the 3" of 28-ILD latex (and possibly also the 4" polyfoam) with a 3" layer of 32-ILD latex. Does that sound reasonable?


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