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Douglas Mattress

08 Aug 2019 16:54 #1 by jh101992
Douglas Mattress was created by jh101992
Hi There,

I am rather new to the forum and looking at affordable Canadian options for mattresses. I am also shopping on a budget and have been directed to the Douglas Mattress:

From my research on this site I have found the following about this mattress:

Top layer - 2” Luxury ecoLight™ Cooling Gel Foam - 2.5lbs and 10 ILD
Middle layer - 2” Premium Elastex™ Foam - 1.8 lbs and 11.5 ILD
Base layer - 6” Motion Isolation Support Foam - 1.8 lbs and 32 ILD

Phoenix mentions "The polyfoam would be a good density, but at 2.5 lb the memory foam would be below what I would normally like to see, and as such it is an item I would consider more if a lower price point was a main concern and you would be comfortable with the potential trade-off in durability."

I was wondering if you can provide some insight on this mattress and if it could be a viable option for someone looking to buy a somewhat durable mattress but not spend much more than that as a lot of the other mattresses seem to be either not great quality or out of my price range. I know it may not be the ideal density but as wondering if this mattress is of decent quality for the price. If you have any other suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. I am 5' 10 170lbs and mainly a stomach sleeper but also a side sleeper at times. I am used to a firmer mattress as I have had a spring mattress for a number of years


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09 Aug 2019 09:21 #2 by Dormio Organic Beds
HI jh101992, Based on the specs, the advice provided by Phoenix is sound. Latex is a far more durable option but I can't think of anyway it could approach that price point due to materials cost.

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