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Factory Direct Mattress Manufacturers near Los Angeles, CA 30 Oct 2011 05:40 #1

Hi Phoenix,

Can you help me find a "factory direct manufacturer or a retail direct outlet" around the Canoga Park, Los Angeles, CA area? After reading the great info from this site, I'm leaning towards getting a talalay latex comfort layer mattress with a polyfoam or pocket coils support core. However, I was wondering the price difference is between polyfoam and pocket coil. Additionally, I'm 5'10, 195 lbs, back/side sleeper


I read in the mattress support core overview that the pocket coils in the best innnerspring hence I chose that as a support core.

"In best to worst order of their overall ability to take on the shape of a body profile and assist with pressure, they are Pocket coils, Offset coils, Bonnell coils, and Continuous coils."

However I read in one of our previous posts that it is actually the least durable.

"I would also tend to avoid pocket coils as they tend to be the least "durable" of the innerspring types."

Essentially, I'm just trying to find the most cost- efficient mattress fœ the best quality.

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Re: Factory Direct Mattress Manufacturers near Los Angeles, CA 30 Oct 2011 23:59 #2

Hi brannen,

I started a new thread for your post since I realized that I didn't have a separate "Los Angeles" thread and this will make it easier for others to find.

There are more mattress manufacturers in California than any other state ... and there are still several dozen "mom and pop" shops with no websites that I haven't had a chance to talk with. There are some very good choices within about 50 miles of you however with some great quality and value ...

www.flexuscomfort.com/ Covina. Local factory direct manufacturer who makes a range of high quality mattresses, including latex component mattresses and latex/pocket coil hybrids that have great value. They are very knowledgeable and service oriented and are what I call "mattress people". I am happy to have them as a member of this site and recommend them .

Nest Beding Studio City, Santa Monica CA. (and others outside the area) They are a member of this site and are knowledgeable, experienced, and transparent and carry a range of mattresses including latex, memory foam, and latex and memory foam/pocket coil hybrids. They have also put a great deal of time and effort into carrying mattresses that are good quality and value. I have also talked with Joe the owner on many occasions and he is passionate about what he is doing and left a larger manufacturer that had a somewhat exaggerated focus on "green" mattresses to form his own company because he wanted to "do it right".

www.gmmattress.com/ (not active the last time I checked) www.superpages.com/bp/Commerce-CA/G-M-Mattress-Foam-L0018155179.htm Commerce. Local wholesale manufacturer and has no showroom but will build a single mattress to your specs with any materials if you know the layering that you want and can pick it up.

airdreamsmattress.com/ Local factory direct manufacturer in El Monte. Makes mostly polyfoam or memory foam (incl 5 lb) over innersprings. Can order other materials if necessary.

paramountmatt.com/ Los Angeles. Local factory direct manufacturer who makes a range of mattresses (but they no longer make the latex hybrids that they have listed on their site)

www.samsmattress.com/ Commerce. Local factory direct manufacturer. Sells mostly wholesale but will sell retail as well. Will also custom build for a customer who is willing to wait. Good value.

www.melvincustomattress.com/ Northridge. Local factory direct manufacturer who will custom build using any type of material (latex, memory foam, polyfoam, innersprings) and also reupholsters mattresses. Good value here as well.

www.brentwoodhome.com/ Los Angeles. Factory direct manufacturer that makes a range of memory foam, innerspring, and latex hybrid mattresses. They also have some good quality/value choices.

www.manta.com/c/mmnn10w/isaac-mattress Bell. Factory direct manufacturer who makes mainly traditional and lower budget innerspring/polyfoam mattresses using 1.2, 1.5, and 1.8 lb polyfoams depending on the price.

www.comfortpedicmattress.com/index.php Local factory direct manufacturer with stores in Rancho Cucamonga and San Dimas. They too didn't seem as open and transparent about the materials in their mattresses and kept telling me stories about other people who loved their mattresses. Seemed somewhat higher priced compared to other local factory directs.

goodbedguys.com/ Costa Mesa. Local factory direct manufacturers. Making a range of innerspring and latex mattresses using high quality materials and a lot of cotton in the layering. Was impressed with what they told me and the quality of their mattresses. they have good value but are on the higher end of the range because of the cost of the materials they use.

www.newportbedding.com/home Local factory direct manufacturer in Costa Mesa. They have a wide range of one and two sided mattresses including latex, memory foam, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses that use good quality materials that they make themselves or in some cases are made by other independent manufacturers. Some of their higher quality mattresses are also in a more premium price range so I would make some careful value comparisons.

electropedicbeds.com/ or www.latexpedic.com/ Burbank, Garden Grove. Specializes in adjustable beds but also makes several good quality 2 sided Talalay latex mattresses and a two sided latex pocket coil mattress that would also be worth considering.

bedsetc.com/ Los Angeles, Studio City, Torrance, Gardena, Tarzana. Owned by members of the same family as Electropedic Beds and carries the Electropedic mattresses and OrganicaSleep and other brands.

www.selectabed.com/ Westlake village. Local factory direct manufacturer. Carries a range of good quality memory foam mattresses and latex layered mattresses. Mattresses are designed by Dr. Rick Swartzburg who I have talked with at some length and I like some of his design concepts and ideas and think highly of his knowledge and experience (see post #9 here )

www.customcomfortmattress.com Brea, Costa Mesa, Mission Viejo, Orange, Pasadena, Westminster, West Hollywood. They are a larger regional factory direct outlet which makes some high quality mattress and use good materials and some hand building construction methods, and have a good reputation for quality. They also carry higher prices than similar mattresses made by other independent manufacturers though and I would make some careful "value" comparisons here.

www.berkeleyergo.com/ Ontario, CA. They manufacture a range of mattresses that use high quality materials including 100% natural Talalay latex, microcoils, and high quality pocket springs that can be customized before and after a purchase and are usually in a good "value" range. They are normally sold through a network of carefully selected and knowledgeable retailers in various parts of the country but the factory now has a showroom where customers with an appointment can test their entire lineup as well.

bannermattressonline.com/mattresses Larger factory direct manufacturer (Banner and Scorzielli) who carries other major brands as well. They didn't seem as eager to talk about their mattresses as most independent manufacturers are but perhaps they do better in person. I would avoid the major brands they also carry and make careful value comparisons.

casper.com/la Los Angeles, CA. They make a single mattress that uses 1.5" 3.5 lb ventilated polyfoam, 1.5" 4 lb 10 ILD Memory foam, 1.5" 2.5 lb polyfoam with a 1.5 lb polyfoam core. They are usually sold online but they have a small showroom in Los Angeles so those that are local can test their mattresses in person.

www.pjssleep.com/. Los Angeles, CA. Factory direct manufacturer that makes their own line of high quality organic Dunlop latex mattresses. Also carries OMI, Savvy Rest, Natura, and Anatomic Global.

www.ergocomfort.com/ Retailer in Laguna Niguel and Newport Beach that carries Berkeley Ergonomics (which are good quality and have some good value) and a range of other premium mattresses that are also good quality but carry more premium prices as well including OMI, Savvy Rest, Naturepedic, Technogel and some ultra premium brands such as Carpe Diem and VI Springs.

www.snoozzzmattress.com/ Retailer in Thousand Oaks, CA. They carry Organicpedic, Naturepedic, Vivetique, and Diamond mattresses. Some good quality mattresses but make sure you make some good value comparisons since some of them may be in higher budget ranges.

goodnightbeds.com/ San Pedro and Redondo Beach. They carry Berkeley Ergonomics, Pure Latex Bliss, Stress-O-Pedic, and some Spinal Care mattresses all of which are fully transparent about their materials and may be worth considering.

www.yelp.com/biz/sleep-n-aire-mattress-factory-santa-monica or americanfurniturexchange.com/ . I talked with them very briefly (they had customers in the store) and they are a local mom and pop manufacturer that makes latex mattresses (mostly dunlop cores but will use talalay as well) and traditional innerspring/polyfoam mattresses. They are working on a website but rely on Yelp for now. They also carry some memory foam mattresses (which they don't make themselves but which use good quality memory foam) and some Simmons mattresses (which I would ignore).

dreamlandmattress.wordpress.com/about/ Retailer in Covina, CA. They carry Spinal Care Bedding mattresses (made in Gardena) along with Stress-O-Pedic, Spring Air, and Spring Comfort. I have talked with Bruce the owner here and he is knowledgeable and experienced with mattresses and mattress materials and understands the importance of providing the specs of his mattresses. Well worth a visit.

cantoni.com/ Retailer in Los Angeles and Orange County. Carries a private label version of Berkeley Ergonomics (see this topic ) along with Savvy Rest component latex mattresses and Vi Spring (ultra premium mattresses).

www.orthomattress.com/ Santa barbara, Ventura, and other CA locations. They make their own mattresses but they also carry some major brands which have poor value which is somewhat of a warning sign to me that their own mattresses may also be overpriced. They have not been the most forthcoming or knowledgeable about what is in their mattresses or the other brands that they sell and there is no meaningful information on their website about their mattresses. I'm including them for reference only not because I believe they would make a particularly good choice.

www.1stopmattress.com/ Retailer in Orange, CA. Carries Pure Latex Bliss latex mattresses and Stress-O-Pedic.

www.thefutonshop.com/ Los Angeles, Encino, CA. Carries a huge range of futons of all kinds including innersprings, latex, memory foam, polyfoam, and organic wool and cotton.

Some wholesale manufacturers that sell through retailers in the area that may also also be worth including in your research include ...

maximmattress.com/ Local wholesale manufacturer in Commerce, CA. They are making some good quality mattresses including microcoils, latex, and memory foam and have a retailer locator on their site.

spinalcarebedding.net/ Local manufacturer based in Gardena, CA that also makes some good quality/value mattresses that includes latex, memory foam, and some very high quality pocket coils.

www.stressopedic.com/ Regional west coast manufacturer based in Ontario, CA that makes a wide range of a mattresses and is committed to being completely transparent about all the materials in their mattresses.

www.diamondmattress.com/ Local Wholesale manufacturer in Rancho Dominguez who is making some good quality and value mattresses but make sure you are able to find out the specs of the materials in their mattresses (see post #2 here ). Has a store locator on the site so you can find out if they are available near you.

puretalalaybliss.com/retailers/ Wholesale manufacturer that makes several lines of latex and latex hybrid mattresses that are available at many retail locations across the country. Also has a retail locator on their site to check for any retail locations that are near you.

www.anatomicglobal.com/ Wholesale manufacturer of some good quality memory foam mattresses owned by FXI/Foamex. Has a store locator on their site to find out if there are retailers near you. It is sometimes difficult to find out the specifics of the memory foam in their mattresses so make sure you find out the specs of any of their mattresses you are considering so you can make more meaningful comparisons.

All of these manufacturers can provide you with a list of any local retailers that sell their mattresses close to you either with the retail store finder on their site or with an email or phone call.

The price of a polyfoam core and pocket spring core will depend on how the rest of the mattress is made and on the quality of the pocket coils (there are some very cheap poor quality ones) and the polyfoam (again there is a wide range of quality and price). Usually though ... a pocket spring core costs slightly more than polyfoam because they require a more complex construction. Both are less than a latex core. Bear in mind too that a foam core usually does best with a solid foundation while a pocket spring will usually do best with a box spring (which can be more expensive).

Pocket springs work "independently" of each other and usually have more coils of a higher gauge (thinner) to conform better. While a quality pocket coil is fine for most people and often preferred for their feel and movement isolation ... for those who are heavier they may not last as long (depending on the gauge and construction). Even here though ... the weak link in the mattress is usually in the comfort layers not the innerspring and you are not in the weight range where this would be an issue.

If you are looking at a good quality independent manufacturer ... usually the relative value between their mattresses will be similar ... although value will vary between different manufacturers.

Usually ... and assuming that like most men your shoulders are significantly wider and lighter than your hips ... your biggest "issue" would be to make sure that there is enough softer foam in the comfort layer so that your shoulders can sink in far enough when you are on your side. This would normally be in the 3" range depending on the layers under it. The thinnest comfort layer that provides good pressure relief is usually best for alignment.

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Re: Factory Direct Mattress Manufacturers near Los Angeles, CA 03 Nov 2011 21:55 #3

Thanks so much for your response Phoenix.

What do you think about the Tempur Pedic Cloud mattress?

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Re: Factory Direct Mattress Manufacturers near Los Angeles, CA 03 Nov 2011 23:05 #4

Hi Brannen,

Tempurpedics as a whole are high quality mattresses however they are also significantly overpriced compared to other equal or better options IMO. The cloud series for many is more comfortable than the other 2 lines because of the use of lower density memory foams in combination with their regular memory foam. As in all mattresses though, how suitable any particular model may be for an individual would depend on their own weight, body shape, and sleeping positions and on what I call PPP (pressure relief, posture, and preferences). The only thing I would put out there as a caution is for those that are heavier in which case I would tend to avoid the use of the lower density memory foams as they will soften more rapidly.

So they are a high quality mattress ... not great value ... and suitable for those that don't mind paying in most cases significantly more than they would otherwise need to and that take the time to "fit" the model to their unique needs.

I should also add that as of today www.flexuscomfort.com/ is now an official member of this site and while this "news" is only afew hours old and I will be adding an official welcome and their details to the membership list later tonight ... I thought I should mention it now in this thread.

I have had several great conversations with Henry the owner there and he is exactly the type of manufacturer that this site was designed to help people learn about and discover. He is also adding to his existing latex options so that people will have more choices as he recognizes that latex is a growing and increasingly popular choice for many people. He is truly "mattress people" with a wealth of knowledge and experience and I'm happy to be able to add him to a growing list of what I consider to be the "best of the best".

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Re: Factory Direct Mattress Manufacturers near Los Angeles, CA 10 Nov 2011 02:14 #5

Hi Phoenix,

I went to this web site's ( electropedicbeds.com ) location in Burbank, CA and tried out two of their many latex mattresses. I tried the regular firm 7" Latexpedic and the regular firm Electropedic 9" High Profile Mattress. They both felt almost the same except the 9" had more "plushness" as what the salesperson said. The salesperson didn't inform me of the layer-by-layer structure of the 7" Latexpedic, but did so of the 9" High Profile Mattress.

9" High Profile Mattress (reversible)
Regular Firm: 1.1" ILD 24 5.6" ILD 28 1.1" ILD 24

What do you think of its structure? Are the comfort layers too thin?
I will call the store as soon as I can to ask about the structure of the 7" Latexpedic. I'm leaning towards it because it felt as good as the 9" and it's $300 cheaper. I just need to know its structure so I can be more confident in my decision. Thanks

By the way, he said that both mattresses are topped with bamboo

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Re: Factory Direct Mattress Manufacturers near Los Angeles, CA 10 Nov 2011 03:48 #6

Hi Brannen,

The latexpedic has 5.6" of latex which in Talalay would be quite thin for most people unless you were very light. This would be a single core of latex of a single ILD and wouldn't have any individual layers. Whether it was suitable in terms of pressure relief and support though would depend on your weight distribution and sleeping positions. If you specifically tested the mattresses for pressure relief and alignment ... then your testing should be the basis for your choices. A feeling of "Plushness" really is an overall subjective term and is not what I would be looking at in testing a mattress. Specifically testing for pressure relief and alignment is far more important and the layering that gave you the best of both would be your best choice.

I would also take a look at some of the other options on the list though or at least call them with a general description of the mattress you were considering to see what else was available in terms of value for a similar mattress. I would also consider a one sided latex mattress with a thicker comfort layer because as you mentioned ... 1.1" of softer latex over the core wouldn't make a huge difference (although it will make some) and you may be better served with a thicker comfort layer depending on your circumstances. Bamboo is a fairly common blend (usually with cotton) that is used in the ticking of many latex mattresses.

Overall ... while they may be better value than what is available in chain stores ... I would personally make some comparisons to some of the others on the list ... before I made a buying decision. I would also make sure that if I was buying anything in an area where there was a member of the site (such as Flexus Comfort in LA) ... that I would call them to see what they had to offer and include them in your options before purchasing anything.

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Re: Factory Direct Mattress Manufacturers near Los Angeles, CA 28 Nov 2011 06:00 #7

Thanks once again for your input Phoenix.
I visited a retailer of the Diamond Mattress manufacturer just a couple of blocks from my home; it's called El Sol Furniture. However, I didn't get much info from the person (possibly manager or owner) because it seemed like he didn't know anything about mattresses. I remember though something about one of the mattresses being "tri-zone". What's tri-zone and what do you think about Diamond Mattress's latex mattresses? I also plan to visit their other nearby retailers.

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Re: Factory Direct Mattress Manufacturers near Los Angeles, CA 28 Nov 2011 18:13 #8

Hi brannen,

Some of my thoughts about Diamond Mattress are in this thread . As a wholesale manufacturer they are certainly doing many things right and their site is very transparent.

Tri-Zone is a type of zoning where the middle third of the mattress support layers (and sometimes other layers as well) are firmer (to better hold up the heavier hip area and promote better spinal alignment) and the head and foot zones are a little softer. It can certainly have value for people who carry more weight area and tend to sink in too deeply and don't have enough support there with other types of construction.

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Re: Factory Direct Mattress Manufacturers near Los Angeles, CA 26 May 2012 16:38 #9

In Reply to Post #5 here (reply moved to this thread)

Phoenix - I noticed you have posted links to the Chiro-sleeper mattress in a couple of places on your mattress forum.

FYI, I visited the Selectabed/Relief-Mart/Tempflow office and showroom in Thousand Oaks, CA today. My salesperson said they really haven't made the Chiro-sleeer mattress for a few years, and it actually wasn't a very good mattress. Their showroom has about a dozen beds, mostly featuring their Tempflow mattresses with Biogreen foam, Tri-Pedic and Soft-Pedic mattresses.

While they recommend the Tri-Pedic Platinum for back sleepers of my size (6'0" 220lbs), I found the Soft-Pedic was better for me, as the tri-zoned latex layer kept my hips from sinking in too far...

Hi LA sleeper,

Yes ... I linked to the Chirosleeper on several occasions but more as an example of a layering that I like (a combination of latex and memory foam) and because it uses high quality ingredients. The Chirosleeper was (or is) a more custom built mattress that was made in consultation with chiropractors or medical professionals and was custom designed to each person's needs. I think that what they may have meant by "not a very good mattress" probably means "it wasn't very popular" because of its specialty application because the materials are certainly high quality.

I have talked with Dr Rick on many occasions at quite some length. I like his designs and the "biogreen" memory foam he is using in the Tempflow line which is very high quality and custom poured for him to his specs. His method of encouraging airflow in a memory foam mattress is also one of the few that are legitimate (Channels in the lower layers connected to holes in the memory foam) and he actually patented this. He was also combining softer memory foam over firmer memory foam before Tempurpedic came out with a similar concept in their Cloud series. Overall I am impressed with what he is doing.

As you know from your visit ... Rick / Relief Mart makes quite a few lines of mattresses. They are all good quality but can also tend towards higher prices and the Tempflow don't have the prices on the website. They are also very knowledgeable and have excellent customer service and do a good job helping their customers make the best possible choices for their needs and preferences.

One is the Tempflow line which are sold to retail outlets and also factory direct. They use the Biogreen memory foam which IMO is a high quality MDI memory foam and also includes their airflow system. This is their "premium" memory foam line. Their memory foam is very high quality and breathable.

One is the Memory Zone line which is their "budget" line that uses 4 lb memory foam and a polyflex layer (polyfoam) in between the memory foam and the base foam.

One is the Tri-Pedic line which uses a combination of 4 and 5 lb memory foams and a higher quality base foam than the Memory Zone line.

They also have two specialty hybrids which includes latex and memory foam which are the Soft-Pedic and the Fibro-Pedic .

Next they make their Polyflex line which are "all foam" mattresses (conventional foam rather than memory foam).

Their new Air-Pedic airbeds are here and use high quality flexible urethane bladders and have a center zone that can be separately adjusted for firmness. They use good quality foams above the air bladder.

Finally they make the Taluxe which is their latex layered mattress with 3 layers of latex (2" each) and varying amounts of high quality firm polyfoam in the base underneath this.

All the components of all their mattresses are made in the USA and all their memory foam is CertiPur certified except the Tempflow which they have had tested to Greenguard standards and they can provide the results of their testing on request. They are all high quality products and the Tempflow line in particular uses an unusual MDI memory foam which is custom poured for them and is very breathable, has a great hand feel and response, and is high quality but is in a more premium budget range.

I probably would have chosen the Soft-Pedic as well over the Tri-Pedic Platinum (because my own preference would also lean towards a zoned latex layer over polyfoam).

Thanks for your comments ... and it was also a good chance to recap all the different mattresses they make.

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Re: Factory Direct Mattress Manufacturers near Los Angeles, CA 27 May 2012 02:53 #10

In my pursuit of hitting some of the Los Angeles area manufacturers on your list, I noticed Vanguard Mattress's website has been down for a few days and their phone number is not working anymore. Out of business? Too bad, because their Vital Rest mattresses looked very nice, and I wanted to check them out. Also, I happened to visit Royal-Pedic's showroom today just for fun - beautiful space - their mattresses are quite a premium (expensive) product. I think their pricing is similar to Custom Comfort, which I have not visited yet.

We probably shouldn't continue this thread under the Chicago heading...

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