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Help in Florida

FGCU created the topic: Help in Florida

06 Oct 2013 08:30

I am looking at getting a new memory foam mattress. I would like for my mattress to last a bit since it is a big investment but as my girlfriend says you have to invest in good sleep.

My Girlfriend has a Tempur-Pedic cloud supreme. She is happy with it. I think it is good but feel it is hot.

I went to the local Mattress Firm (well there are 30 within a 10 mile radius it seems) and have been testing them. The original cloud supreme was $2400. I found the Tempur-Pedic Cloud Supreme Breeze that I liked as well for $3200. But it just seemed to be really high priced. Near me there is a Mattress Firm Outlet store which is selling the same Tempur-Pedic beds at a reduced cost. But Im still not sure what to do.

I also tried the Serta I-comfort Prodigy bed and liked that as well. It was cheaper and seemed like a good buy for $1800.

Last night we went to Sams and found a Serta Trump Select Pietra 12 inch mattress that has cool twist memory foam for only $500. Even Big lots had a Serta Savannah Evening cool, twist memory foam for $500.

I have not checked out Costco but these beds at Sams and Big Lots felt just as comfortable to me. I am between 200-225 lbs (been loosing weight). I am 6-1 and sleep on my sides. But I can fall asleep anywhere. My girlfriend is a back sleeper. She is about 115 and 5-9.

I could use any advice of what to do. I am honestly a little confused reading through some of the other post about building mattresses and the llbs per cubic inch and such.

Does it make sense for me to just buy the one at Sams - the Pietra - as see how I like it? With all these options I feel like I am going nuts. :woohoo:


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jefmoody replied the topic: Help in Florida

06 Oct 2013 09:46

Hello FGCU,
I don't have specific advice but have seen a thread you should find interesting:
Best regards,

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FGCU replied the topic: Help in Florida

06 Oct 2013 10:36

Thanks for that post. I have read on the forms the seally i-comfort prodigy is not really that great. Also the Seally Trump series at Sams is not great nor the Seally Paula Deen series is made out of a cheaper foam that will not last 5 years.

That really is helpful and I am really already tempted to get the Ultimate Dreams Supreme Gel Memory Foam Mattress after seeing the right price and the good reviews.

Would this type of bed hold up well over the years? Is there a warranty?

If anyone else has any other advice - that would be great.

I am so greatful I found this forum!

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Phoenix replied the topic: Help in Florida

06 Oct 2013 13:59


The best place to start your mattress research is post #1 here which has all the basic information, steps, and guidelines that can help you make the best possible choices. It will also help you avoid the worst ones which includes the major brands and the chain stores and other mass market outlets that know very little about the mattresses they carry and in most cases aren't able to tell you the specifics of what is inside them (a mattress is only as good as its construction and the quality of the materials inside it).

You can see some of my thoughts about buying from Costco or other big box stores in post #4 here .

The durability and useful life of a mattress includes many factors including the design of the mattress, the quality of the materials, and its suitability for a specific person in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences). There is more about durability and the useful life of a mattress in post #4 here but durability and the loss of comfort and support that comes from changes in softness or the breakdown of lower quality materials is relative to how much it affects each person and there isn't a specific amount of time a mattress will last because it depends on both the mattress and on the person. The only "rule" that applies to durability is that higher quality more durable materials materials will last longer than lower quality materials.

Dreamfoam and it's sister company Brooklyn Bedding is one of the members of this site which means I think very highly of their quality, value, and service and they compete very well with the best in the industry . You can see the Dreamfoam warranty here .

I would make sure that you have a more detailed conversation with them (or any online retailer or manufacturer you are considering) to make sure that the mattress you are considering is the one that has the best odds of being suitable for you both in terms of PPP and in terms of durability. In many cases they can also tell you about mattresses that are available locally that are similar to some of the mattresses they make so you can do some local testing with mattresses that have a similar feel to get a better sense of whether they are suitable for you.

It's always much easier to connect with the experts that already know what you would otherwise have to learn than to try and become one yourself. I would also keep in mind that mattress reviews only apply to the person that writes the review because each person has very different needs and preferences and what works well for one person may not work at all for the next (which is one of the reasons why a more detailed conversation with a knowledgeable online retailer or manufacturer is so important).


If you are buying a new mattress, make sure to read this first!
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jefmoody replied the topic: Help in Florida

06 Oct 2013 14:37

Like Phoenix said, staying away from All the "S" brands and retail outlets will help keep you from making a bad quality decision - you can't feel quality. At least you can be sure you are choosing between good and good.
My Mattress is Latex (not memory foam) so my only point in telling you is that it came from Brooklyn Bedding (Sister company of Dreamfoam) and I am very pleased with the service and their product. If I could start all over again I would do it the same way - no regrets.
Don't forget to read those links Phoenix posted - it really makes sense to have an idea about the mattress business before you spend your money.
Best Regards,

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FGCU replied the topic: Help in Florida

07 Oct 2013 05:11

Thanks for all the info. I read through a bunch last night.

So with the Dream Supreme from Dream Foam - the bed is a 12" thick gel memory foam mattress with 1.5" of 4lb gel memory foam, 2.5" of 4lb memory foam, and 8" of premium base foam.

The Cool Supreme™ from Brooklyn Bedding has an 11 inch mattress with 1.5" 4lb Gel Memory Foam, 3" 5lb Memory Foam, 6.5" of 2.17lb BB HD Foam Core.

So does that mean that the Brooklyn Bed more closely matches the tempur pedic cloud supreme? Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme mattress, which has the 2 inches of 4lb. density memory foam over 2 inches of the firmer 5lb. memory foam.

Would you guys think the dream foam would hold up over time? Again I am 200-225 lbs and worried the 4 lb foam may break down. The price sounds great and the reviews on the board sounds good. Or would it be better to go with the Brooklyn Bedding to more closely match the Tempur Pedic Cloud feel? Would you have any other recommendations compared to the Dream Foam Supreme Mattress?

I am just worried about making a mistake buying the wrong mattress and being miserable with it.


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Phoenix replied the topic: Help in Florida

07 Oct 2013 10:25


When you are over 200 lbs or so I would tend to reduce or minimize the use of 4 lb memory foam (in any mattress including Tempurpedic) and I would also consider higher density base foam (the Dreamfoam uses 1.5 lb base foam) because they will both be more durable under the greater stress of higher weights.

Even if they are the same density ... the feel and response of different types of memory foam can vary widely. While the biggest factor in durability is density ... the same density memory foams can use different formulations which affects their individual properties. You can read more about this in post #9 here and in post #8 here .

In terms of how they each feel compared to the Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme, the best suggestion would be to talk with them directly. They would be more knowledgeable about the feel and performance of their own mattresses than anyone else.

The Cool supreme also has a better return policy ... "just in case" you aren't happy with the mattress.

The "read first" post I linked earlier includes a link to some of the better online memory foam retailers and manufacturers I'm aware of (which of course included Dreamfoam and Brooklyn Bedding who are both invited members of the site).


If you are buying a new mattress, make sure to read this first!
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FGCU replied the topic: Help in Florida

15 Oct 2013 19:40

I have decided to go with the DreamFoam Dream Supreme Mattress 12 inch from amazon.

I did some more research and learned that the bed has a 20 year warranty with the 3/4 inch body impressions.
If I order from amazon the free shipping and the no sales tax is a bonus. Also if I use my discover card I get 5% off from amazon until 12/31/13.

I am now trying to focus on the foundation. i have a queen cherry sleigh bed - looks like this below. The bed has four 2x2's going across the bed with 4 legs in the center in addition to the four corners.

I have mattress firms, sams club, big lots, costco and several others in my area to choose from so i am hoping I can find a foundation for a good price either local or on amazon. I am looking for between a 9 and 12 inch foundation that will let my mattress breath but give decent support.

Here is one from Serta at Big Lots

Here is one from Serta at Sams

Would those work? Should I look for something else? If anyone has any other recommendations I would appreciate it.


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Phoenix replied the topic: Help in Florida

15 Oct 2013 22:39


If you are ever in doubt about the suitability of a foundation then the best place to check and make sure it meets the warranty criteria is the manufacturer of the mattress. You can read about Brooklyn Bedding's foundation requirements here (Brooklyn Bedding is the sister company to Dreamfoam).

The Serta StabL Base should be fine but the boxspring you linked at Sams Club has no information about it so I don't know how its built or whether it would be suitable.


If you are buying a new mattress, make sure to read this first!

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