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normal Ikea Latex Matresses

26 Feb 2012 11:41 #1 by Phil781

My wife and are buying a new mattress after our last expensive innerspring has only lasted 5 years. I am seeing many posts saying that latex are some of the more durable and supportive mattresses to get. Has anyone bought or researched the IKEA mattresses especially the latex models.


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26 Feb 2012 16:23 - 26 Feb 2012 17:14 #2 by ARazorbackguy1


Have you looked at any of the online shops?

Sleepez, mattresses.net, flobeds?

I found that there were much better, customizable options at close to the same price, if not better than what Ikea offers.

Their mattress is not quite 8", while you can get 8-10" customized to fit you from any of the above with a 5% discount.
If you haven't already, find a local Savvy rest dealer and go try out their beds to see what latex feels like, then build your own.

Just my opinion.

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26 Feb 2012 18:39 - 06 Nov 2015 13:28 #3 by Phoenix

Hi Phil781,

I'll add my own similar thoughts to ARazorbackguy.

Ikea has several different "latex" or latex hybrid mattresses.

SULTAN ELSFJORD : All latex mattress. I would tend to avoid this because it contains only 5.5" of synthetic Dunlop latex with synthetic fibers in the quilting/ticking.

SULTAN ENGENES All latex mattress. I would avoid this as well because of the 80% synthetic Dunlop and the synthetics in the ticking/quilting.

SULTAN EDSELE All latex mattress. This is 85% natural Dunlop and a wool/cotton ticking/quilting. This is one of the better Ikea choices (although the latex used is still not quite of the same quality as a 100% Dunlop produced in a mold by some of the better manufacturers).

SULTAN FOSSING Polyfoam/latex hybrid. A little better than some but I would still tend to avoid. Good quality polyfoam (2.2 lbs). 80% synthetic Dunlop latex and synthetic fibers in the quilting/ticking (with a bit of wool).

SULTAN FJORDGARD Polyfoam/Latex hybrid. Very similar to the SULTAN FOSSING except a thicker layer of 80% Synthetic Dunlop latex. I would also avoid this.

NOTE: See the note and links at the end of this post since Ikea has now changed their foam mattresses to new models.

SULTAN HOLMSTA Pocket Coil / Latex hybrid. I would tend to avoid this. Fairly low coil density pocket coils, lower density polyfoam, 80% synthetic Dunlop latex, synthetics in the quilting/ticking, and layer thicknesses aren't disclosed.

SULTAN HJELMAS Pocket coil / Latex Hybrid. I would also avoid this. Fairly low density pocket coils. 80% synthetic Dunlop late. Synthetic fiber in the quilting.

SULTAN HEGGEDAL Pocket Coil / Latex hybrid. I would give some consideration to this as a "budget" mattress. Slightly higher coil count, 85% natural Dunlop, Rubberized Coir, and higher quality materials in the ticking/quilting than the less expensive options.

The "best" of these are the 85% natural Dunlop Sultan Edsel (now replaced by the Morgongava which is very similar) and Sultan Heggedal which could provide a better local option (for testing at least to check the feel of firmer Dunlop latex by itself or over firmer pocket coils) at better value than many other more mainstream choices ... particularly with a softer topper on top if necessary for pressure relief. As ARazorbackguy1 mentioned however, it isn't the same quality or value as many local manufacturers or online manufacturers who in some cases sell better quality materials at lower prices.

There are also some comments about some of the other Ikea mattresses in post #2 here and some cutaway pictures of some of them which shows the layer thicknesses in this topic as well (thanks to sdmark and MatRest). There are also some comments about them and some of the options that aren't on their website in post #61 here (thanks again to sdmark) and in posts #3 and #4 here (thanks to jayblackseal). Forum searches on the name of each of their models will also bring up more comments and feedback about each of them as well.

I would also tend to avoid their memory foam mattresses which use 3.1 lb memory foam (which is lower density than the memory foam guidelines here ).


Researching for a mattress?... Be sure to read this post first.
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27 Feb 2012 01:35 #4 by Phil781

Thanks for your help and quick reply. This was very helpful and much appreciated.


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21 Mar 2012 13:10 #5 by beanneu

After days of research online I thought I might try and keep it simple and buy an IKEA mattress. Before finding this site I looked at all their mattresses and narrowed it down to the same two you did.

IKEA is two hours away, so there is the possibility of trying it out. My daughter has an IKEA mattress no longer sold in US, and we like it. So here are my questions:

These two possible Ikea mattresses are about 1K, I haven't found any comparable mattresses in that price range or even close, so if you or the other poster in this thread could be more specific about an actual mattress with better or similar quality near that price it would be helpful. I live in Asheville, North Carolina. Originally, I was going to go with Habitat but realized it was overpriced.

The reason they don't sell my daughter's mattress anymore has to do with fire retardant requirements here. It would be helpful to have an article on types of fire retardants used in mattresses, if I missed that, just point me to it

I appreciate all the good info on your site, and if you can give me some specifics to get out of this overwhelm I would appreciate it.... Anne Marie

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21 Mar 2012 15:16 #6 by SRugs

Just wanted to suggest the following manufacturers near you though I am not sure of the prices from what they list they have some quality all latex mattresses and innerspring latex combos:

Colton Mattress in Asheville

The Original Mattress Factory has its closest store over in Hickory.

Best of luck.

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21 Mar 2012 19:05 - 24 Nov 2014 12:19 #7 by Phoenix

Hi beanneu,

Just to add one more to the list that SRugs provided (thanks SRugs :))

www.parkplacecorp.com/showroom Larger Regional manufacturer who normally sells only wholesale but has a showroom in Greenville, SC which sells factory direct. You can see their mattresses at their factory direct online site www.mattresshero.com/ . You will need to make an appointment first with Jay Orders as it is not a "public" showroom.

Some comments about Colton mattress from one of our members who purchased there is in post #1 here .

These are the closest but there are many more a little further away. A list centered on Greenville is in post #2 here , around Hickory is in post #2 here , around Knoxville is in post #2 here and around Seneca/Clemson, SC is in post #2 here . The ones already listed though have some very good quality and value mattresses (a little more than Ikea but higher quality mattresses, and IMO better value and more flexible construction and layering and I probably wouldn't go further than that). I would start with Colton and then call the two outlets near Hickory as a reference for comparable mattresses to see if you wish to make the trip.

Fire retardency is a very complex issue but it is dealt with briefly in the "natural vs synthetic" page here , more about rayon/silica in post #2 here , and one of the most informed people I know in the industry has written a very good article about wool fire barriers here .

Hope this helps.


Researching for a mattress?... Be sure to read this post first.
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24 Mar 2012 18:30 #8 by beanneu

Thank you both. I just called Colton, and plan to go there on Monday. I'm excited about the possibility of finding something made locally. I was concerned because their website is very sparse, but I feel better after reading the post you directed me to.

Are mattress manufacturers required to produce any kind of spec sheet that I can ask for? So far going to mattress stores is like walking into a car sales place. But at least with cars you can find the spec sheets first.

I went to an organic store downtown that sold Savvy Rest, but they seemed expensive around 3K. Layers of latex with thin layer of wool in between. I was a bit lost as to what to ask, even after reading all the research and articles.

For years I slept on a baffled water bed, and really liked it. Then I bought a Sterns and Foster Hartwood, and never really liked that mattress, or felt comfortable on it, and it seemed to aggravate a neck issue I have. I like laying on my daughters IKEA Sultan Hjelmas. Does that information give you any indication of which latex layers or combo I should consider? You have already been incredibly helpful and I am so grateful. I'll post when I make a decision which needs to be this week. - Anne Marie

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24 Mar 2012 19:18 - 10 Oct 2014 20:43 #9 by Phoenix

Hi beanneu,

The smaller local manufacturers are very open about the materials they put in their mattress and will almost always be happy to talk about the difference between good materials and "not so good" materials. They typically are open and transparent and actually want people to compare the materials in their mattresses rather than making it difficult to impossible like most major manufacturers or chain stores. This is one of the reasons that in most cases (of course not every local manufacturer is automatically "great") they are such a delight to deal with. When you are dealing with a factory direct manufacturer (or a better sleep shop) ... they will know what you don't so you don't have to become an "expert" yourself.

Savvy Rest makes some very high quality "choose your own layer" mattresses but IMO ... compared to many other very good choices that have mattresses that offer the same options and use the same quality materials ... they are significantly overpriced. A forum search on Savvy Rest will bring up lots of information on them. They are great for testing various latex layering combinations ... not so great value to make a purchase.

The Ikea Sultan Hjelmas doesn't provide enough information (firmness of the latex or gauge of the springs) to really know it's feel and this would also depend on the person and how they interacted with the mattress and on their own subjective preferences (one person's firm is another's soft). I can say however that the quality of the latex is low (20% natural and 80% synthetic SBR) and I probably wouldn't consider it compared to some of the other options available there (or elsewhere). Their own rating is "medium" and Dunlop latex can be quite firm and I would suspect that a lower coil count pocket coil would also be fairly firm. I've updated the list in the previous post to include it because for some reason the Sultan Hjelmas doesn't show on their site unless you search for it specifically.

My best suggestion would be to test the mattresses at Colton (and/or the other manufacturers mentioned) with "fresh eyes" rather than trying to match the feel of a specific mattress. This way you can give feedback about the pressure relief and the alignment of each mattress without having to remember what another mattress felt like and they will know which would be the best layering option to test next to "adjust" the properties and feel of what you are lying on.

Just as food for thought (which you likely know anyway) ... a suitable pillow is an important part of a sleeping system and can also greatly affect the alignment of your cervical spine and help with neck issues that are caused by misalignment.

I'm looking forward to your feedback and feel free to post any questions along the way. Of course the manufacturers you have available are likely to have the knowledge and experience to know any information you need just as well or better because they can actually see you lying on the mattress and give feedback in "real time".


Researching for a mattress?... Be sure to read this post first.
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27 Mar 2012 12:37 #10 by beanneu

Hi Phoenix,
Went to Colton yesterday. The only latex they do is Talalay. They get it from International Latex and it's a natural/syn blend about 80/20. (Maybe same as Ikea?) I tried both memory foam and latex and still like the latex. I preferred a softer top.

So here is what I am thinking about:
4" of #28 latex over #36 or #44 latex - most expensive option (1800)
4" of #28 latex over 4" 3.1 HR Foam or over 4" of pocket coils (leaning toward foam) This would save me about $500.

Also if I want a natural fiber quilting it would be $300 more and take a week longer. The standard quilting is 40% cotton, 40% poly, 20% bamboo, and uses Visell as the fire retardent.

The natural quilting is cotton and wool. It adds a little firmness which might be good in long run and I heard it helps with temperature and moisture.

So here is what I'm wondering. Is there a downside to using the foam instead of the laytex for the support level? He assured me it would feel the same. If I did that then I could afford the natural quilting.

I know I shiould try some other places but I have family arriving Friday and really want to make the decision today if possible. It's more than the IKEA mattress, but I like that they are local.

Also, they have an instock mattress that's got about 6" of latex and the blend quilting, for about 1600. But I would prefer a thicker mattress because I have this low platform bed.

If you could give me some feed back, I would sure appreciate it. They didn't have one to try with latex over foam, so would feel better if I heard your opinion about that. Thanks, Anne Marie

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