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Latex-pros and cons 13 Feb 2020 05:20 #51

Hi Queenbeee,
here is some information that may help in your search to either improve your current mattress or to help you find a better combination of mattress and base.

If you google the term "suspended slat with latex" and then select 'books' in the menu near the search window, you will have a very good resource appear: International Encyclopedia of Ergonomics and Human Factors - 3 Volume Set

Google will give you a few pages of preview and because this is a rather thick book, you will get lots of pages of preview. On page 922 you will find a little table that give you a suggestion on what mattress type works best with a certain type of base. I have attached that table to this message.

The experts on ergonomics suggest that you are probably best of sleeping on either a combination of latex and movable slats (though here they say that the latex mattress cannot be too thick otherwise it will negate the effect of the movable slats.
The second option is a pocket spring mattress on a spiral base. Here you need to be aware that if these springs and spirals are made out of metal, they may not last very long due to the high fatigue level of metal springs and spirals.
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