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Mattress comfort layers - Memory foam

28 Aug 2018 14:58 #21 by m00se
Thanks again Phoenix for the guidance.

I've put in a call to SleepEZ and spoke to Jim there. I asked to speak to Shawn but was told that he's the owner and wasn't the right person to talk to. Jim basically said that they could do the configuration I was interested in—3+2+2 (F-S-M)—but didn't have any real suggestions or response as to how this would work based on my experience and preferences.

Is there a way to get in touch with Shawn directly? Maybe at this point its not necessary, since it seems like that configuration would be pretty adaptable (could switch to F-M-S), but I wonder if he would be able to better explain how the setup I'm thinking of would fit with my preferences.
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29 Aug 2018 15:35 - 29 Aug 2018 15:36 #22 by Phoenix
Hi m00se.

I spoke with Shawn and he was out for the day but he'd be more than happy to through everything once more with you to make sure that this is the most suitable configuration that would give you most options.

Even though he is still out today, he is available to you. For this, he asked that you call the office at (800) 710-9846 and ask to speak with Jody who is waiting for your call and she will direct you to Shawn. You are in good hands!

Good luck with your purchase :)

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23 Jan 2019 10:52 #23 by Mia12345
This is my first post, so I hope I'm doing this correctly! I searched for "scoliosis" posts to tag onto, but couldn't quite find the right one and my question is kind of about memory foam comfort layers... I was so excited to find this community as I've been struggling to find a foam mattress for the last 6 months that could replace my Simmons Comforpedic Advanced Rest/Luxury Firm memory foam mattress, 5 years broken in, that was perfect. It felt like a bunch of individual foam cushions. I miss sleeping well and now dread bedtime. Thanks in advance for any thoughts you may have!

About me if helpful: Princess and the pea sleeper. I have rods in my back to correct scoliosis, so I need a mattress that conforms to me, since I don't really bend. I'm 144lbs, BMI is 22 but I'm bony - post-pregnancy, my tail bone sticks out way more than it used to and is jamming into the mattress when on my back. I have trouble with my lower lumbar spine overarching when on my back (toward the ceiling) and causing back pain.

Like many here, I'm dreaming about:
- really good support
- pressure relief
- an all foam mattress (I like sleeping "in" the bed with memory foam, even the hybrids are too pushy and latex feels too bouncy)
- works for back sleeping (75% of night) and side sleeping (25% of night)

What I've tried so far:
First, I tried to find a Comforpedic on Overstock, but it was a more plush version. My butt sunk in too far right through the comfort layer then hit a too firm next layer. I had nerve compression/ tingly feet.

Then, I tried the Tempurpedic ProAdapt Medium. I broke it in for 2.5 months but it was WAY too firm and caused bursitis, pain in my hips, tail and butt bones. It felt like I wasn't exerting enough pressure on the mattress and just sleeping "on" it.

Currently, I'm on day 4 with Amerisleep AS4 and I can't sleep on my back at all because my lower lumbar spine is overarching. There is no gap - the bed fills in the space - but is pushing me way too far towards the ceiling. It feels "softer" than the ProAdapt, but I don't think my butt is sinking in very far. Is there a way to tell if the overarching is from too much sinkage vs not enough? I'm guessing not enough bc I feel like I'm sleeping "on" the mattress, not "in".

I know it takes a while to break in and might end up much softer, so I'm going to walk on it, weigh it down with books, do what I can to last another week of sleeping on it at least, but it's pretty brutal as my hips are sore from exclusive side-sleeping.

Any thoughts on:
-toughing it out on the Amerisleep AS4?
-suggested mattresses similar to the Comforpedic Advanced Rest/Luxury Firm, but less firm/5 years broken in?

I *think* I need to find an all foam mattress that is very conforming, supportive, and with a soft enough firmness to cushion the bony butt and hips but not too plush to sink through the comfort layer and overarch my back.

In our local stores, I've laid on all the foam mattresses - the Beautyrest Black line, iComfort line, and Sleep by number. The closest to comfortable were the Beautyrest Black Nadia (too firm) and Scarlett Plush (too plush).

Online research has me looking at:
-Layla soft side (but maybe similar to AS4?)
-Novosbed soft (but see in Forum concerns about poor quality)
-AS5 (only if it's substantially softer than AS4 and have to wait 30 days to switch I think)
-Luxi soft setting (but sounds difficult to return, bad customer service)
Nothing seems quite right and how to compare to the ones I've already tried!

I'd love any guidance! I wish it was possible to hire a mattress shopping consultant, because this is so complex.
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26 Jan 2019 07:50 #24 by Sensei
Hi Mia12345,

Welcome to the Mattress Forum! :).

Your post was great, well done. You are the princess and pea sleeper...I love that book and the images are so appropriate. But very well explained why you are like that with the spinal curvature, and the additional issues brought on; bursitis and nerve compression. It's really hard, and so confusing.

Regarding the Amerisleep, the dont list the exact specifications, in another post they were listed for the A2 and A3 as follows:

The Amerisleep AS3 contains(?):
3” memory foam 4 lb
2” polyfoam 1.65 lb
7” base polyfoam 1.8 lb

The Amerisleep AS2 contains(?):
2” memory foam 4 lb
3” polyfoam 1.65 lb
7” base polyfoam 1.8 lb

Although you have the AS4, If these are accurate, they are good quality densities and there are no weak links in this mattress. I personally don't like to ever recommend people sending back mattresses. It's still a lot of const to the companies, your time, gas, freight, etc and many end up in landfills. But really I think you will have a hard time finding your best match. I think you should explore some toppers to put on top of the latex. My first thought is a Talalay 19 ild, 2 or 3" topper. Maybe a 24 ild if this is too soft. This type of topper will give you a little "lift" almost like you are floating, and the pressure relieving benefits of latex are excellent. With your clear medical issues, you are the one that has to really dial in your best comfort. Toppers are not always returnable, but they are awesome on other beds in the house, if you find they don't work for you. Talk to some of the latex focused members of TMU.

Our trusted members are listed here.

Here is also a post about adding a topper.

And another post about latex and memory foam toppers differences.

Good luck and keep us informed.


Sensei(@ TMU Team)
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26 Jan 2019 12:24 #25 by Mia12345
Thanks Sensei for the response and sympathy. Just to make sure I understand your suggestions - it may be too tricky for me to find the correct mattress AND/OR given that I already have a good quality mattress that I'm breaking in, you are suggesting a topper? I hadn't really considered a topper as a long term option, but it could be a way to tweak the top layer to get the soft yet supportive feel that I need (soft enough to not feel like my hips, butt, and tailbone are bruising but not too soft to sink through and overarch my lower back). My understanding was that toppers need to be replaced more frequently. I can read more on TMU about toppers next.

I also really like the feel of sleeping "in" the mattress as opposed to "on" the mattress. I've only tried latex mattresses in the store, but didn't find the latex had that contour deep hug feeling that I've experienced with memory foam and liked in the past.

One other thought, is there any objective way to find the attributes of my previously loved bed (Comforpedic Advanced Rest/Luxury Firm) and use those to narrow down what to select online? I understand that it comes down to how it feels and ultimately must be tried by me, but there are SO many online mattresses - even when I narrow down to medium-soft all foam options. For example, similar densities, thickness of the comfort layer or transition layer or even number of layers before the base layer.

I guess I had been relying too much on mattress reviews, assuming that the relative ranking of attributes was meaningful, but am learning that it's really hard to interpret from online reviews.

Thanks again. It's easy to feel all alone out there struggling to find a mattress!
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28 Jan 2019 08:39 #26 by Sensei
Hi Mia12345,

Your welcome and your instinct regarding reviews is spot on, especially given your specific sleep sensitivities. I did some research on the comforpedic, but I am going to check a few more sources, and see what I can come up with regarding specs...this was my first thought last week when reading your post.

Regarding trying latex in the stores, I could comment on some specifics, but the problem with latex is over the years there have been many many mediocre latex mattresses made by traditional mattress manufacturers. But to be clear a good memory foam topper is a viable option, so I don't want to steer you away from that.

The nice thing about toppers and specifically latex, as when you remove it from the total mattress build and your body is completely interacting with the feel of latex. A 19 ild plush topper inside a mattress will feel firmer, and not as enveloping of the body, compared to the same 19ild as a free-standing topper.

You are not alone, even these interactions online we know are being read by thousands of others. Thanks for your responses.


Sensei(@ TMU Team)
Researching for a mattress?... Be sure to read The Mattress Shopping Tutorial.
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For any mattress questions Ask An Expert on our forum
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30 Jan 2019 16:31 #27 by Bleu
Hello and thank you for the wealth of information. I have been researching for about a month. I am in Canada. I am a mostly side sleeper and weigh somewhere between 210 and 230. I have had an Isoform Opulence by Bergad for about 13 years and loved it. I happen to like feeling like I am sleeping a bit "in" a bed instead of on one which is why I love me more foam. I recently got the Recore bed for a trial and 2 weeks in am miserable. I think latex feels like sleeping on a trampoline and the bed is killing my lower back.
I have narrowed down to two options I think.
1. The Cumulus bed by MFC which has the edge system and 5lb layers but I really wish had a bit more thickness. I also need a cal king as I have a motorized base that is a cal king. I called Mario and he sent me info but the cal king is $1749 which is really stretching my budget but honestly ends up being only about $100 more than the Novosbed, but there is no trial. Plus pillows yay, but still, no returns.
2. The Novosbed Medium and then eventually get the soft comfort + added. Things I like are the HD foam at 5lb and the 11" thickness and the full 7" support foam. After the comfort + it becomes a 13" bed. They have no edge system built in though. I also feel like MFC is likely a bit higher quality foams.
I really am hoping to avoid another return situation as I just want to sleep without pain. Any advice greatly appreciated.


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30 Jan 2019 22:42 #28 by Lesleyann725
Looking for a good place to put this. Hello. This seemed like a good place to piggy back off of. After much research and trying beds I ordered the tripedic platinum from selectabed. The specs are as follows 2” 4lb 10 ILD memory foarm
2” 5lb 16 ild memory foam
6” 40 ILD 2.6 density HR Polyfoam.
The few weeks were amazing and I was very happy. It was nice and firm, I like to sit in top rather than sink in. Also I didn’t find my hips/pelvis to be sinking in too much which was a big issue when I tried mattress in various stores. My hips/pelvis would sink in causing me lower back pain. (Note I am a back/side sleeper) Or i would sit too much on top (more with traditional intersping mattress and there was nothing supporting my lumbar. Then I started to have Lower back pain which it turned out was due to a lack of support in the foundation. Then about 4-5 weeks in I began experiencing more lower back pain, lower than I have traditionally experienced that’s also seems to be related to my hips. It’s worst when I am laying in the bed. It feels as though now that the bed is broken in, my hips are sinking in a decent amount but the rest of my body remains more “on top” of the mattress. When I lay on my back it feels like my bottom sinks in and my shoulders and legs stay at the same level. I am also havin a similar issue when laying on my side. I’ve still got about 70 days left in the trial period and will be writing to selectabed to see what they suggest. Their customer service has been wonderful! I’d like to have an idea of what the isssues could be. Other potentially helpful information before I get to my questions. I am a female about 5 ft 5 inches and weigh about 130 pounds. I have scoliosis which does cause me intermittent lower back pain. Also means that my torso is much shorter and compact than most which makes my weight distribution atypical.

Is this something that could be fixed with a topper? Maybe a zoned topper since the hip sinking issue is a long standing problem across different mattresses that I’ve tried. Do zoned memory foam toppers exist? I know that too much sinking can be caused by upper layers that are too soft and thick or a core that is too soft Does this seem to be the case based on the components mentioned? Or is it due to my other back issues I need a more customized approach to suit me (a zoned mattress) and this isn’t the one for me?

I hate to be on the hunt again for a mattress. I bought this one hoping it would be comparable to the Tempur-Pedic Adapt medium which I loved in the store but the price was no so lovable. But I’d give anything to get some painfree sleep.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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31 Jan 2019 04:48 #29 by Sweet Dreams
From your experience it sounds like the Tripedic Platinum is too soft to provide you with sufficient back support once the foams have broken in. It's very difficult for the addition of a topper to account for a lack of underlying support, they are more commonly helpful with softening up the surface of a mattress which is too firm and may be causing pressure point pain. I think you either need a firmer memory foam layer in place of the 2" 16 ILD, or possibly a latex layer instead of the MF. MF is known to conform to your body as it warms up from your body temp, and then allows you to sink into the mattress which it sounds like you're trying to minimize. That's why I think a comfort layer of latex might be better suited to your needs, but of course you'd have to try it as there's no way to accurately predict what you'll feel or how you'd like that.

Since you mentioned that you're impressed with the company's customer service, I'd suggest discussing the situation with them as you've explained it above and see what they may come up with as a possible alternative. Good luck and let us know what they suggest.
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03 Feb 2019 11:27 #30 by Mia12345
Hi again,

Thanks again for the kinds words! Since last post, I've been researching and racking my brain.

Sensai - I wanted to circle back again to see if you've had any luck unearthing specs on the Comforpedic Advanced Rest/Luxury Firm? I'm thinking looking for parallels might be the easiest way to find a good fit since I was happy with my last bed. It's hard to believe how difficult it's been to find a similar experience. It feels like a common problem I'm finding is when on my back, having my hips/butt sinking in to the top layer too much (over arching my lower back/lumbar spine) and then hitting a second/another layer that is too firm (hurting my butt bones). I need a better balance of a soft but supportive comfort layer or couple top layers.

You posted the Amerisleep specs as something like:
3” memory foam 4 lb
2” polyfoam 1.65 lb
So maybe I need that second layer to be MF or latex or something different that has more contoured support.

I wish there was a bed that just held and conformed to your back in its neutral/normal position! It's too bad that memory foam, which conforms so well, may also allow heavier parts (butt) to sink in so much more.

I also consulted with Amerisleep and they hypothesized that the overarching could be my butt sinking too far while my shoulders are not sinking in enough. They suggested breaking in the shoulder area of the mattress. However, if my butt is already sinking in too much before it's been broken in and we're in freezing winter weather, it's hard to imagine that more breaking in would solve this problem. To survive, I've just been using a 3 inch memory foam topper from Bed Bath Beyond that we had, plus 3 fleece blankets folded under my legs (knees to ankle area) to get a couple hours of sleep on my back before going to the guest bed to toss and turn on my sides...So, I think I need to try another new foam mattress, but am at a loss of how to decide. Hence, hoping to learn from my previously loved Comforpedic specs.

I will also look around to see if I can find latex to try out in store again, as you've suggested I revisit that material.

Also - Lesleyann725- I see you! I am right there with you. Ugh scoliosis and atypical weight distribution! Good luck!

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