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Mattress comfort layers - latex

16 Mar 2019 22:47 #81 by lotus14
What a difference a night makes!

This mattress is weird. After only one night it's already loosened up considerably. Sitting well onto the mattress, and when lying down, it feels so soft it's like a worn out innerspring even though the ILDs are rated close to the Sleeping Organic I'm returning.

Weirder yet, I got much less pressure relief despite the softness. Back pain wouldn't have surprised me but my shoulders are sorer than they've been in a long time (side sleeper).

Should have known from the aforementioned red flags plus things like the x-soft description saying 14 ILD but further down the page it says 19 ILD. That and a big "Made In The USA" blurb when obviously made in Vietnam. Feeling pretty dumb right now!

Hopefully there won't be a problem getting Vytex to honor the parts that say "easy returns" and "return shipping is no charge in the first 30 days"

Next (and hopefully last!) try will be Talalay Global's blended from Mayer's Bedding. Robert seems like a really nice guy in a genuine way - not in a "I'm being nice so I can sell you something" way. Very helpful and zero pressure.

Many thanks to Sweet Dreams and Jill71rdh for the recommendation!
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17 Mar 2019 14:06 #82 by Sensei
Hey lotus14,

Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear about the issues with your Vytex toppers.

Good luck with your Talalay toppers ....I have heard good thing about them from other consumers on this forum.


Sensei(@ TMU Team)
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17 Mar 2019 18:57 #83 by lotus14
Thanks Sensei.

My thought is that Talalay Global should be fine as long as they're not having a bad day at the factory when mine comes of the production line. Mayer's ships directly from them so there shouldn't be any issue with latex that's been sitting shrink wrapped in a warehouse for a long time.

I have 4 layers of differing ILDs coming. I chose blended because it's supposed to be more durable and they can hit the exact ILD more easily. Planning to shuffle them to find 3 layers that provide the right support/pressure relief for me.

Question for you or anyone with long term experience with latex: I'm sure the latex will loosen up and soften a bit over the first few weeks. Beyond that I've read that latex really doesn't soften much over time. It's more likely to fail due to drying and hardening.

Is this true? Should I expect that what I have after 3 weeks or so is what I'll have after 1, 3, or even 7 years? Obviously this is something I'll want to take into account when choosing my setup.
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18 Mar 2019 14:39 #84 by Paul S.
Hello Lotus14,
In my experience, it should take 1-2 months for a latex mattress to "break in". I have visited Talalay Global's factory, and it was impressive to see all of these pallets with stacks of cores and mattress getting ready to ship out.
If the mattress has softened so quickly after you bought it, it might be really poor or defective Latex, or they are using a non stretch fabric that has stretched out which can make it seem like the mattress has a body impression.
100% natural latex from the rubber tree should not dry out or harden over time, unless it is handled a lot or if the latex is blended or has fillers.
About 4 or 5 years ago, we sold Vytex latex mattresses as well. It was a mixed bag for us. We tried 4 different models and they all felt super firm. They tell us that the Aurora Process they use to make the latex, removes almost all impurities and allergy producing proteins. We always wanted to know what "Latex" is actually left in the product?
Eco Bedroom/Ergovea sells 100% Certified Organic Dunlop Latex mattresses and toppers. They are able to create a Dunlop Latex that is soft but very supportive.
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18 Mar 2019 15:07 #85 by lotus14
Hi Paul,

Thanks for your help. Vytex said in response to a question on Amazon they're using dunlop process now for their toppers but in other places they mention Aurora. Just one more reason I feel like such a dummy for ordering from them.

The Vytex layers I'm on now feel soft when sitting and first lying down but no pressure relief. And yet not supportive either. Have tried with and without a top to the cover.

After my first night on them I compared with some dunlop layers I'm returning and discovered a possible reason. Vytex has almost no bounce or springiness. It feels dead, like an old, worn out mattress feels. I too wonder exactly what is taken out and what remains after their processing.

Since you have long experience with latex, after the break-in period should I expect the firmness of talalay (prefer the springier feel) to remain about the same a few years down the road? I want to end up with a plush feel but have to decide what firmness I want to start out with.
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18 Mar 2019 16:18 #86 by Supasta33
Mind me asking why your returning your sleepingorganic? I was thinking of buying from them.
Also, we are considering Plush Botanical Mattress which is all organic Dunlop and they don’t have ild either, it’s judt density. Anyone here ever tried a botanical 12” latex?
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18 Mar 2019 17:14 #87 by lotus14
I'm only returning the Sleeping Organic because their cover is just too thick and heavy for me. They are a good company to deal with. After one exchange the firmness was good for me but I never liked their cover. I wanted something thinner with more give.

My only caution: Their main page offers a "100 Night Sleep Trial." Common enough among mattress companies. But if you read the actual return policy you'll see that you only have 45 nights to return the mattress. The 100 nights is for layer exchanges only.

Have you emailed Plush Beds to ask about ILDs? As Sensei pointed out earlier in this thread it's hard to convert density to ILDs.
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18 Mar 2019 23:04 #88 by Supasta33
Thanks for the reply.
I didn’t ask them but we are going to order a split king 10” with med firm, firm and extra firm and med, firm and extra firm. We both prefer a medium to firm mattress so that’ll give us plenty of different variations to play with to use the 2 time exchange. We were going to go all out and get the 13” but they were pretty cool with us and said it was unecessary. Glad we’re going with the 10” not to over complicate things. We’re hoping for the best and are confident we’ll find something we like with what we’re tetting.
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18 Mar 2019 23:28 #89 by lotus14
Congratulations on your new mattress, hope you love it!

And yes, firm latex is pretty solid. I doubt you'd even be able to tell the 4th layer was even there.
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24 Mar 2019 16:13 #90 by lotus14
Question about blended vs 100% natural talalay. I have read in a couple of places in this forum that blended is more durable but does that statement may come from testing done by manufacturers or long term experience?

The reason I ask is that I have a top layer of 19 ILD blended from Talalay Global. After only a couple of nights it has softened a lot on the side I've slept on. It feel like the air and springiness has gone out of it. The other side of the mattress still feels nice and cushiony. I did not have this happen with a similar layer of 100% natural, also made by TG.

I'd really appreciate any comments that might shed some light on this!
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