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Mattress and Pillow Protectors Revisited

04 Nov 2019 17:39 #11 by Cosimo
I prefer cotton and wool — which, fortunately, aren’t too difficult to find!

I DID research TMU members and, it turns out, Mattress Makers carries the St. Dormeir mattress protector and is within driving distance, so I will be going there to pick one up this weekend!

Other members also carry cotton protectors, but I think the wool/cotton combo will be a nice one.

Thanks again!

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06 Nov 2019 13:15 #12 by Sensei
Excellent choice on the mattress protector, Cosimo! Looking forward to hearing how the St. Dormeir works for you, know that other TMU consumer members would enjoy your point of view as well.

Sensei :)

Sensei(@ TMU Team)
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07 Nov 2019 19:02 #13 by Del
As someone who is a sweater, from what i am seeing is I either have to shell out like $100+ for a wool protector or im out of luck.

Because all the other water resistant / proof ones have the backers which sleep hot. Most of them turn to crap to o from a lot of the reviews I see because the membrane breaks down.

Im about to just strap 2 or 3 fitted sheets on the bed and hope that does it lol

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08 Nov 2019 06:35 #14 by Cosimo
I would agree that the waterproof mattress protectors have the potential to increase heat, but they ARE somewhat breathable. I sleep hot and have found that mine doesn't consistently add heat. It depends on how thick the blanket is that I'm using (thicker = more heat trapped in the bedding envelope). And the plus side is that they are WAY less expensive than the all cotton or cotton/wool protectors so if you do need to replace it down the line it would take 3-4 replacements to equal the cost of a single wool/cotton or all cotton protector.

I think you have to look at your objectives, needs, and values, e.g., the "PPP". If you are looking for all natural materials that regulate temperature, wool seems to be at the top of the list. The wool/cotton protectors are comparatively expensive, though, as you've noted. An alternative might be to buy a wool moisture pad -- these are made from needle felted wool that is highly water resistant (more so than a wool/cotton protector), doesn't add heat, and is pretty thin so won't affect the feel of the mattress as much. You can buy the raw needle felted wool at Foam Order for a fraction of the price of a finished moisture barrier/puddle pad and would then just need to cut the fabric down to the size of your mattress. It would fit under the sheet and would likely be more comfortable and effective than adding layers of sheets. Just a thought!

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08 Nov 2019 12:14 - 08 Nov 2019 12:16 #15 by Del
Yea i am just worried about sweating through and staining the mattress. My last bed I had a few nights where I woke up and my upper body, bed and pillows were wet to touch. Like someone dumped water on me. It stained the mattress too. I only had a fitted sheet on my old bed though. So i have no experience with protectors or anything.

Only happened during about a 2 months period but I don't want to risk it that happening again. So even one of the cheapy cotton ones would be good enough for that?
Last edit: 08 Nov 2019 12:16 by Del.

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10 Nov 2019 21:30 #16 by diynaturalbedding
Hello Dell,

I think the effectiveness of a cotton pad would depend partly on its thickness/weight and partly on its construction.

For a weight example, one layer of fabric, take our double knit for example, is 480GSM. That is heavy and thick for only one layer of fabric! Compare it it to a jersey t-shirt or bed sheet at 180 GSM. Still, the cotton double knit is only 1/8" thick compared to a felted wool sheet at 1/4" thick. Interestingly enough, for a construction example, a fabric like our laminate jersey fabric at 1/16" would give you more moisture protection than the cotton because of the laminate layer sandwiched between two layers of lightweight jersey.

When considering bed protection, also consider how you want to maintain it. Do you want to have something you can throw in the washer? i.e. cotton Do you mind hand washing it occassionally? i.e. wool

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