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Disappointed in St Dormier mattress cover

04 Feb 2020 07:41 #31 by ClareMe
I gave up on the idea of getting a mattress cover without plastic in it since they all seem to be too thick or change the feel of the mattress too much for my tastes. I had tried a couple of other waterproof covers which fell apart on first washing, so I wound up trying Gotcha Covered. It's the nicest waterproof cover I've used -- very thin, no rustle or noise, washes well, and has a soft feel. Protects the mattress from spills too (I tested it!).

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05 Feb 2020 10:52 #32 by pcire

ClareMe wrote: I, too, am disappointed in the St. Dormier mattress protector. I bought it based on the many reviews on this site stating how thin it is and how it would not interfere with the feel of the mattress. I wanted something made of natural fibres and was o.k. with water resistance rather than waterproofing, so it seemed like a logical choice.

The protector is well made and flexible/stretchy. Beanbag notes that it doesn't contain much wool; I can't comment on that, but the entire protector (wool/cotton combined) is VERY puffy -- I measured mine and it is more than 1/2” thick. That's not what I would consider thin by any stretch of the imagination! My membrane protector, by comparison, is only 1/8" thick, including the cotton terry top.

My mattress, thankfully, is wonderful as is, but, adding this protector significantly affected the feel. The additional padding transformed my plush mattress to a much firmer surface, so much so, that I could no longer lay comfortably on my side without feeling pressure. I would consider it a mattress PAD rather than a protector.

I wonder if you received the correct product? I just received this -- and it is way less thick than 1/2 inch thick (I washed it first before using). It is, at MOST, only 1/4 to 1/8 inch thick - if that. It is very thin. It is definitely a protector -- not a pad. Less thick than the all cotton Bloomingdale's protectors I have used in the past. Very thin wool with thin terry cloth on top.

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06 Feb 2020 10:59 #33 by ClareMe
Yes I received the correct product -- in original packaging with all labels attached. Maybe I got one that was puffier than others, but the surface feel is affected more by the tautness and firmness of the protector than the depth and it definitely made a difference in my ability to feel my mattress through the protector. I guess we all have our own sensitivities!

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