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Choosing a Mattress in 48 hours; What can I do? 01 Jan 2014 16:15 #1

I am brand new to all of this, having just come across the site today while looking for 'mattress sales' and 'mattress information' on Google. The information is rock solid and Pheonix seems to bend over backwards to help everyone and everyone make the best decisions they can.

Here's the pickle I find myself in. In about 24 hours my wife and I will arrive in Orange County, CA after a job relocation and we brought absolutely nothing with us. When we pick up the keys for the apartment on Friday, it will be empty. And it will remain that way until we buy things to fill it up.

That being said, here's the major concern: No Bed.

I was hoping, before stumbling upon this enlightening site, to be happy buying a miserable little Serta iComfort or similar and never knowing the wiser. But I have never slept on a decent mattress and, quite honestly, neither has my wife. I'd love to take this opportunity to arrive at a bed that will let us both sleep better than we have before or thought imaginable.

So here lies the question: is it possible to get a good quality, good value mattress within a few days? Or are we doomed to the apartment floor while we wait for a custom job to be completed, shipped and delivered?

Dazed and confused, and hoping for guidance--

Oh, by the way, I did look overhttps://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/general-mattresses/1025-factory-direct-mattress-manufacturers-near-los-angeles-ca.html#1031 Hopefully that is still a good place to start!

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Choosing a Mattress in 48 hours; What can I do? 01 Jan 2014 17:14 #2

Hi zhornbe,

The information, steps, and guidelines in the tutorial post here would be the same no matter how long you had to choose a mattress but your time restrictions would make things more difficult and "intensive" because you wouldn't have the same time available to test different mattresses to the same degree or make more detailed comparisons between them.

It's certainly possible to make a choice in two days but I would make some initial phone calls to the options on the Los Angeles list (which is still current yes) to tell them your criteria and budget and find out which ones were most attractive to you and had the types of mattresses on their floor that used the materials or components that you preferred or wanted to test that were in your budget range. I would probably limit your choices to about two or three different stores based on your initial phone calls. If you don't know the materials you prefer then I would suggest that you focus on stores or manufacturers that had a range of different types of mattresses (latex, memory foam, innerspring etc) so you can compare different types of mattresses and decide which type of mattress you tend to prefer.

It may also be worth considering buying a cheap futon or even a layer of foam to "camp on" for a little while so you have a little more time to choose a mattress that is the best match for you and take off the pressure of having to make a choice so quickly that you don't have enough time to make the best one or make a "mistake" because of time pressures (which is probably what I would do in your circumstances).

It would be better IMO to sleep a little less comfortably for a few days or a week or two on a "cheap" temporary option than to sleep uncomfortably for a much longer period of time because you ended up with an unsuitable or a low quality/value mattress that cost you much more.

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