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bedsheets 28 Mar 2014 12:19 #1

Does anyone ever talk about that on here?

I have a really nice fleece blanket and sheet set but Spring is here and Summer will creep up out of nowhere and I don't want to be sleeping in fleece this summer.

Any suggestions? :)

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bedsheets 28 Mar 2014 14:36 #2

Hey maskedrose,
After finding my perfect bed, I too was saying, "what about the next step...sheets?". There is a somewhat current (short) thread on page 7 as of right now, titled, 'What bed sheets are you sleeping on", that I found interesting. Also, if you search (forum), and just type in 'sheets' in the keyword, about 6 entries down is a 'central sheet thread', (titled, 'Sheets'), that phoenix has collected.

hope this helps, mcvicker

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bedsheets 28 Mar 2014 14:43 #3

I love sheets made of tencel for warm weather - Downlite.com usually carries some nice ones. I also have a set of Legends 500 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets from The Company Store that I really like.

I've tried lots of different sheets, and I confess I'm picky - the old 'princess and the pea syndrome". I bought a latex mattress last fall, and for the first time in my life found myself getting chilly while sleeping, so I got some supima cotton flannel sheets from Garnet Hill for the winter. I'm hoping I can go back to the Tencel sheets when warm weather gets here - if it ever does this year!

Good sheets can be expensive. Some people on here really like linen sheets, and altho I do like linen for clothes I can't imagine sleeping on that material. I like soft sheets, and the Tencel ones feel soft and silky to me. I liked some bamboo sheets I bought (100% bamboo, not a blend), but they shrank from the queen size they started out as to the point where they'll hardly stretch enough to fit a double bed after a dozen or so washings. I can't afford to spend that kind of money on sheets that won't last.

If you search the forum for "sheets", I think you'll turn up a couple of older threads where they've been discussed.

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bedsheets 28 Mar 2014 18:30 #4

Hi maskedrose,

Post #7 here is the central reference post about sheets that mcvicker was talking about (to save others from searching if it moves to a different part of the search results) and includes links to many of the better threads in the forum that talk about sheets as well.

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