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Brooklyn Bedding Aloe Alexis on Adjustable Frame Review/Question 30 Jun 2014 11:30 #1

I received my new brooklyn bedding Aloe Alexis mattress on Thursday last week and have slept on it only four nights so far. The mattress itself is awesome, definitely well made, and watching it come out of the tiny box it was in and expand was a sight to be seen. So far i am very happy with the mattress and the feel of the latex and feel very supported. I got it in their number 5 firmness, which is a 28ild layer on top of a 32. Its to early to say, but i am thinking there may be a 24 in my future. I love the way the mattress not only conforms where it should but also pushes back in those areas you need it like the small of your back.

One thing i never considered when purchasing a mattress is the thickness overall of the mattress itself and the affect on an adjustable frame. I currently own a Serta Imotion Custom (top of the line made by ergomotion) which i had prior to purchasing this new mattress. My old mattress i believe was 12" thick whereas the new one is 14". It seems that the 14" mattress does not adjust/conform as well to the adjustable frame as i would have liked, and so far this is my only complaint. Is this a common issue with thicker mattresses and adjustable frames? Is there anything that can be done to make it work better/conform to the frame better? I love the mattress, but am thinking an all latex thinner mattress (higher cost) may be a better choice for the adjustable frame, as i use the frame daily for both working, lounging and even sleeping in an adjusted position. What are you thoughts on mattress thickness and adjustable frames?

Overall the quality of the mattress is great and the comfort is as well and the folks at BB could not have been nicer when i dealt with them. I am just hoping i didnt purchase a mattress that is too thick really to get the full benefits of my adjustable frame and am dreading have to pay for a return if thats what it comes down to to get something thinner that may work better. I am hoping that if it comes to that, that BB would work with me as I think they have a great product and would definitely recommend them to others and even get a new mattress from them if the adjustable frame issue becomes too much for me. Great product, well made, very nice cover, and easy to access latex layers.

Its way to soon to give the bed a legitimate review, but the first impressions are really good and for me personally the feel of latex and support it provides is way greater than my experiences with memory foam (again my own personal feel and preference). I will give another review after having the bed for a few weeks. Hopefully it begins to contour with the frame a little more as well. Overall, great experience so far with BB and would definitely recommend them.

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Brooklyn Bedding Aloe Alexis on Adjustable Frame Review/Question 30 Jun 2014 12:30 #2

Hi smeagol108,

In general terms thicker mattresses don't conform as well to adjustable beds as well as thinner mattresses. Polyfoam is also less flexible than latex so you can get away with a little more thickness with a latex support core. Firmer foams also tend to be less flexible than softer foams. In other words there are a few variables that can affect how well a mattress will conform to an adjustable bed that depend on the specifics of the mattress.

Again in very general terms though ... once you are past about 12" or so then a mattress will be less likely to contour as well into the bends of the adjustable bed (or the foot end of the mattress may be more likely to "flip up" to some degree) and this is just the nature of a thicker mattress or less flexible materials.

It will probably still "work" and it may improve a little as the mattress "breaks in" and loses some of the initial stiffness of a new mattress ... just not as well as a mattress that is thinner or more flexible.

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