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completely overwhelmed 14 Jul 2014 20:30 #1

While trying to get unbiased information about different mattress brands I stumbled across this site. I will start off by saying that compared to most people I have done a very limited amount of research.

I just recently moved and got a new bedroom set but need to get a new mattress. I have spent the last few days in stores like Mattress Firm and Serta. After testing out a few different mattresses I found that I really liked how the Beautyrest Recharge felt. I was almost ready to buy it but I figured it would be too good to be true.

After looking at reviews I found that that is a very poor quality mattress.

I work a lot and will be starting a new year of nursing school in a few weeks so I desperately need a mattress. Lol, I currently only have a frame set up in the new house. I simply do not have enough time to sit down and research to the extent that I would like.

I live around the New Orleans area. Is there any direction that you can point me in to even begin to find a mattress that does not break the bank (roughly around 1000) while still being a decent quality.

I have read your guide as far as how to find a decent quality mattress but all of the information has left me feeling even more overwhelmed than before.

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completely overwhelmed 14 Jul 2014 22:16 #2

Hi Lolethia,

If you follow the steps in the tutorial post one at a time and read them like a book instead of "studying them" like you would a textbook you will have the best possible chance of making a great choice.

One of the most effective "shortcuts" is to deal with knowledgeable and experienced manufacturers and retailers who already know what you would otherwise have to learn, have your best interests at heart, and are more interested in "educating you" than just "selling you" anything they can. All you need is "just enough" information to recognize who they are :)

Post #3 here includes links to several of the forum lists around the Gulf Coast area that include the better options and possibilities I'm aware of in each area. The options in the Baton Rouge area are probably a little better than the New Orleans area.

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