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Building a better Latex Mattress ? Advice on selection of components. 05 Dec 2014 08:14 #1

This forum is wonderful and there is so much (arguably too much) information, it really appears there is so much individual P (Preference) that it's difficult for consumers and manufacturers to find their best outcome.

I've decided (after hours of research here) to build a mattress (using your founding company Arizona mattress, mattresses.net) and with help of Greg.

I REALLY would appreciate input as the bed based on existing owners of latex, as the bed won't be ready for weeks and hope I made some hasty decisions, and also I left the door open for personal variation (we could switch around layers).

Both me and my better half are fairly light and small (under 5'5" and 135 lbs), I'm stomach sleeper, she's side/back. We wanted to design a bed that we could switch around if not immediately satisfied. .so what I went with was : Radium sourced 100% Tallalay Latex, using:

6" Core of Medium Latex (32ILD)
3"Topper/comfort of Medium Latex (28ILD)
3"Top Topper/comfort of Soft Latex (19ILD).

The mattress will be Eastern King size and I asked them to cut all toppers in half (Twin XL) so we could move around the layers or even put core on top (as suggested). The cores already are Twin XL. Furthermore, if some day I wanted to but adjustable base we have to only replace the zippered cover.

I was wondering if I should have chosen a SOFT core, since we are so light, however as I'm on my stomach I though would need Medium support. I'm not sure but think moving the Medium core (32 ILD) to the top of the bed will be too hard and uncomfortable. The casing has about 1 inch cotton/wool and bamboo cover. Also, maybe should have done only 2inches of toppers each, however my fiance' really likes a high mattress. I did order the standard wood slat flat foundation to go under the mattress for support.

Is anyone out there sleeping on a soft core ? (I rarely have seen this). Is it a good idea? I'm hoping I have enough variation by mixing the soft and medium toppers, though have only the medium cores at this point.

Also--by cutting toppers in half, will I feel a divit or dent between the twin XL sizes inside of and under the mattress cover?

I'm told I could exchange within 60 days, any of the components if not satisfied.

I wanted some input/suggestions/comments to help (I'm losing sleep over these choices).


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Building a better Latex Mattress ? Advice on selection of components. 05 Dec 2014 11:35 #2

Hi cityslicker561,

Your layer combinations certainly look to be "in the range" that would be suitable for you based on "averages" and with a 12" mattress with a middle layer of 28 ILD latex I certainly wouldn't have gone any softer with your base layer and even a firmer base layer would likely have been fine as well (most of what you feel would be from the top 6"). Being a stomach sleeper you may need a firmer sleeping surface and the configuration you listed may be a little on the soft side and you may find you do better with the firmer 28 ILD layer on top but your own sleeping experience will really be the only way to know for certain which combination will work best for you in "real life".

As you know I think very highly of Arizona Premium and they are a member here so I think you certainly made a great quality/value choice.

Congratulations on your new mattress :)

I'm looking forward to your feedback when you receive it and have had the chance to sleep on it for a bit.

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Building a better Latex Mattress ? Advice on selection of components. 05 Dec 2014 11:55 #3

Thanks for your input.

I think the versatility of having a choice of medium or soft with two different toppers helped make the decision. Don't have to pick one. Also, I'm trying to teach myself to not sleep on my stomach, however it's been a challenge. That would be another good topic. Perhaps people have had success changing sleeping positions.

Thanks again, I absolutely will give feedback once product arrives and I can sleep on it. I believe delivery will be about 3-4 weeks, though with upcoming holidays I'm willing to wait.

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