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11 Feb 2020 14:37 #301 by Sensei
Hey WTBSleepSev,

So, the new BB Aurora mattress seems to be good for my lower back, but im now having issues with my upper back, specifically between my shoulder blades. Im thinking this might be pillow related? I have a 3 year old memory foam pillow, which when new was used with an innerspring mattress that had a pillow top. Had no issues then, and due to the overwhelming issues I had when i switched to a pure memory foam 2 years ago, never considered my pillow as contributing to my problems.

Thanks for the updates on your new BB Aurora mattress, good to hear that your back comfort situation is improving :cheer: ! A bit about the discomfort between your shoulder blades/ upper back area: generally speaking, side sleepers need a loftier, more firm pillow to keep their head and neck raised up and aligned, back sleepers need a little thinner pillow with some support under the neck, and stomach sleepers need the thinnest flattest pillow of all to keep their head as low as possible. Many people are combination sleepers and pillows that can be "scrunched" (feathers, down, shredded latex or shredded memory foam and many other materials) can help with this because they can be puffed up when needed on the side and flattened or molded when needed on the back or stomach. You can check out Phoenix's thoughts regarding pillow personal preferences , as well as more on pillow materials in these posts that may help in your pillow shopping research.

So i think im going to try a couple of pillows, maybe the my pillow and one of those curved memory foams. I am a side and stomach sleeper by habit, but over the last few years have trained myself to sleep more on my back. So i've read that it can benefit you to have different types of pillows and in different places. Im going to try and avoid the stomach position, and mainly do side and back with these new pillows and see if it doesnt improve the situation.

I would suggest that just as you would test a mattress for gaps in your spinal alignment, try the same test with your pillow: while laying on your side on the mattress and using your current pillow, ask your wife to take note of your positioning. Your hips should sink in, your shoulders should sink in and your spine should form a relatively straight line, with the resulting angle of your neck also following (a pic of this for you to see would be a good reference too). Your alignment when you are lying down should be very similar to when you are standing up straight with good posture. Filling in the "gap" between your head and shoulders with your pillow ... especially for side and back sleepers can make a big difference in how you sleep and in the alignment of your neck and head and other areas as well. You may also find Five steps to your perfect mattress- Support and spinal alignment an interesting read as well. Of course, these are just some thoughts for consideration, only you can "feel" what you feel in terms of pillow comfort and support. You may even ask BB for their recommends as most manufacturers offer products that compliment their component designs best. Looking forward to hearing more of your updates :) .


Sensei(@ TMU Team)
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17 Feb 2020 12:11 #302 by urboiwallace
Has anyone tried the Casper hybrid? I can’t seem to find the density of the foams they use online.... which is questionable. Thanks (it’s currently on sale for $700 CAD).

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18 Feb 2020 06:06 #303 by BChaps
I took a bunch of notes when looking at stuff recently.
  • 1.5" of ?? PCF Polyfoam
  • 1.5" of 4 PCF Memoryfoam
  • 1.5" of 2.5 PCF Polyfoam
  • 6" of ??g Pocket Coils
  • 1" of 1.8 PCF Polyfoam
The red things were things that I wasn't able to find in some quick searches.
I went to a Casper store in the mall, and asked them. The employees were VERY unhelpful. All they ended up doing was pulling out a tablet and going on google when I asked them for those missing numbers.
Eventually, I found the numbers...but I don't recall what they were - I never saved my excel sheet after finding them.

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18 Feb 2020 08:01 #304 by urboiwallace
Thanks for the information, I’ll do some more digging. The employees online also seem very unhelpful, being very vague about the materials used.

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18 Feb 2020 12:27 #305 by eileenmarie46
I tried the original Casper Hybrid back in June 2019 and it was very nice. I had to return it because it wasn't supportive enough on my lumbar spine; but it was very comfortable otherwise. I am a side sleeper and my shoulders and upper back and neck felt great, it was the spinal support that was lacking. I just ordered the all foam Casper Wave and I am being told that it offers spinal support and so I am really hoping so. I slept cool on the Hybrid, loved all the other aspects. So the Wave all foam is supposed to be more supportive and yet allow for side sleeping comfort and sleep cool. Here's hoping.

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