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Do you like your adjustable bed? 26 Aug 2015 19:30 #1

I'm looking for input from anyone with an adjustable bed. Do you like yours? Anything you wish you knew before buying, features I should look for? Do you have any recommendations of brand/model?

Have you had any problems, needed to do any repairs? I am a bit concerned about their not-so-great warranty coverage since it seems like there is plenty to go wrong.

And in particular, I'd love to hear from anyone who has a split adjustable w/split mattress. Are you glad you went with a split or do you regret it?

At the moment I am leaning heavily toward the Leggett & Platt S-Cape Performance model, which I can get for under $2k (Cal King) on Amazon here . See any pitfalls with this one?

I really like the looks of the Reverie 8Q, but it's like another $1k, and while I really, REALLY love the thought of a bed that will lift up my head in order to wake me up in the morning (Jetsons style), I don't think I can justify paying another $1000 for that.

Are there any others I should be looking at?

Thanks in advance!

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Do you like your adjustable bed? 26 Aug 2015 19:58 #2

Hi Sekhmet,

There is more information about choosing an adjustable bed in post #3 here and the main adjustable bed topic that it links to that can help you choose an adjustable bed based on price vs features comparisons and also includes some retailers that you can use as good sources of information about the features of the adjustable beds they carry and as pricing references as well (in post #6 in the main adjustable bed topic). Of course there are many other sources as well and prices can change on a regular basis so I would also include some internet searching in your research and I would also keep in mind that online advertised prices are often price controlled so make sure you call the stores you are considering to find out their best prices rather than just looking at websites.

I would treat all the more well known brands as being closely comparable in terms of reliability.

While some people like it and use the massage feature on a regular basis to help them relax ... for others it's not nearly as important. In our own case we only use it rarely although we do "like" it when we do (our adjustable is also on a wooden floor so we put the adjustable bed legs on rubber cups to reduce the noise of the vibration) but we don't use it nearly as much as we thought we would when we purchased it. In other words we wouldn't miss it if we didn't have it (although it's still "nice" to have) and the ability to raise and lower the mattress is much more important to us than the massage function (although we sleep on it flat).

There are some comments in post #8 here and in this topic about the pros and cons of a split king mattress.

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