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Zenhaven Foundation

29 Sep 2018 09:38 #21 by sweetandsourkiwi
I have come to almost ALL of these conclusions, too! I don't think there's much of a point of 1.5" softer talalay support-wise; it just changes the feel when you lay down. I cut the cover off my topper which made it softer and more conforming, which cut down the pressure. (I think it does make it squishier and warmer, though. I minded at first and then liked it!)) Still, I'm going through that and the 1.5" that's sewn into the bed, hitting the N3 with my hip and shoulder. (I'm 135 lbs for anyone else considering.)

The OTHER thing is that that super lightweight latex on the soft side of the bed is really only meant to last a year or three (depending on who you ask.) The lower layers will last much longer though! But since they're glued together, when you're done, you're done. Or I guess you order a "repair" or whole new bed through their warranty?

I think ordering an all-latex bed online with no frame of reference would be really hard, but if I knew now what I knew then, I wouldn't buy this again. I'm still considering getting a component bed or DIY if the replacement isn't an improvement, but that's not ideal either as you usually need to make all the layer swaps (and pay for their shipping AND package them), within 30-90 days generally, if you want to see any of the money back.

I'm jealous of all the people who live close to the better latex bed manufacturers! Part of me thinks it'd be cheaper/easier to pony up for an inexpensive vacation to build a mattress on site and get it dialed in person rather than deal with all the swapping that people seem to do...I know you can't lie on a bed in a store and REALLY get the feel, but for me, I can at least narrow out the soft ones. My back IMMEDIATELY hurts.

I didn't say it will FOR SURE go to a landfill...they do have charity partners and also sell some of the beds as "samples" to friends, family and employees. But you have to let the delivery guys take it and do with it what they will. I do feel like this is a major marketing oversight on a company who caters to a more ecologically minded crowd...I live in a town that literally has the most non-profits per capita, it would be nothing to ensure it went to someone who could use it.

The devil I know scenario is a tough one, especially if you've finally started sleeping after a big disruption. You definitely don't want to buy something that's going to make you worse!

It is funny to me, when I was younger, I could sleep on just about anything, from sprung sofa pullouts to old futons to my rock hard childhood mattress... Humans are designed to sleep in the dirt! I've been severely ill the past few years, getting terribly out of shape, and I just seem to just get pickier and pickier. I do wonder if I recovered more strength, if more mattresses would feel comfortable to me.

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11 Oct 2018 15:37 #22 by sweetandsourkiwi
Well, my new topper arrived again. It AGAIN has a glue seem a third of the way in...running right under where someone would sleep, not the center. And this time the cover isn't sewn right and the latex doesn't fit right within it, so it curls up funny no matter how much I shake it out.

...These guys gotta work on their supply chain. I appreciate the replacement but it's now clear this isn't a one-off unlucky warranty issue. Anyway, Zenhaven 2.0 arrives Monday. It's probably too much to hope it won't be defective but hope springs eternal!

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14 Oct 2018 20:04 #23 by Phoenix
Replied by Phoenix on topic Zenhaven Foundation
Hi sweetandsourkiwi.

Clearly, your new Zenhaven configuration is having some issues. Hopefully, the Zenhaven 2.0 will meet your expectations.

I'm looking forward to any additional updates you have the chance to share once you receive your new mattress and sleep on it for a while.


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14 Oct 2018 20:59 #24 by sweetandsourkiwi
Thank you! At some point I will amass my conclusions into one cohesive post instead of this dribbled play-by-play...

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15 Oct 2018 04:20 #25 by Cloud999
Replied by Cloud999 on topic Zenhaven Foundation
(Another contribution to the "dribbled play-by-play ...")

Zenhaven is supposed to pick up my mattress on Thursday.
A replacement from Sleep EZ is on its way. We'll see how it goes. I do have to say, though, that the Zenhaven customer service is pretty generous.

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15 Oct 2018 07:29 #26 by sweetandsourkiwi
SleepEZ is at the top of my list if this doesn't work out. Why did you ultimately decide to give up on the ZH, and what did you order from SleepEZ?

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15 Oct 2018 20:04 #27 by sweetandsourkiwi
But until the day I feel this matter is settled, I shall stream in my notes for that future post.

File this under Things No One Will Tell You About Mattress Shopping:

Delivery isn't better, and "White Glove Delivery" is a joke. (I mean, I didn't really think there'd be white gloves, but I imagined some concern at least.)

When I was shopping initially, I actually put a lot of weight into whether a company would deliver, and if I had to return it, if they would manage taking it away. You see, I'm a singleton, and disabled at that, AND live on the top story of a building with no elevators. So delivery seemed pretty clutch.

However, as I watched in disbelief and horror as ONCE AGAIN the delivery team smeared their grimy, muddy hands all over the mattress, leaving dark streaks of they took the mattress out of a muddy plastic encasement and then PLACED IT ON TOP OF THE MUDDY PLASTIC THEY HAD JUST REMOVED IT FROM...all for the SECOND time...I re-evaluated. (I also re-evaluated why I didn't just tell them to help themselves to my sink and wash up as this happened last time. Hope springs eternal.)

The fact that they showed up an hour before the "4 hour window" of delivery even began was annoying (so factor a day's work into the cost there, if they show up after...), but watching as they blithely dirtied up something that can never just be "popped in the wash" felt downright disrespectful—not to mention, irreversible. I got the worst of it up with a damp rag, but there's no way to get it all the way clean. I don't mean in a germaphobe way...I mean they smeared actual, black grime on the most expensive thing I've ever bought in my life (and that includes my car.)

I tipped them anyway, because there are 7 flights of stairs and that thing is heavy. But...jeez.

So while buying layers and assembling them sounds like a giant does unrolling a "bed in the box" least I wouldn't wind up getting mud on something that never would have an opportunity to be muddied, otherwise. Something I hadn't considered when weighing the pros and cons of delivery.

Footnote: this new mattress came from "Everton Mattress" in Idaho. This time, the pad is 50% wool, 50% rayon. Last time it was 70/30.

This time, the cover was stitched on straight to the mattress! The boxspring seams were still crooked.

At the end of the day, Zenhaven is a marketing and customer service face for a lot of 3rd party work. They're outsourcing the factories. They're outsourcing the deliveries. There is a lack of quality control, and it shows.

Oh the things I've learned...

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16 Oct 2018 03:58 #28 by Cloud999
Replied by Cloud999 on topic Zenhaven Foundation
"Why did you ultimately decide to give up on the ZH, and what did you order from SleepEZ?"

I used every day of my Zenhaven trial period. During that time I flipped it more than once, tried different (thicker/thinner) mattress covers, tried it with and without the Zenhaven topper, and added new MDF panels between the frame and mattress. Nothing I tried resulted in comfort across all the positions I sleep in. I suspect the problem, for me, is that the comfort layers are just too thin (at 1.5") while the support layers aren't supportive enough (either because they aren't firm enough at the core, or maybe because they are compromised by having a too-soft layer at the bottom.)

I tried Savvy Rest latex mattresses in two stores, each about an hour or more away. These felt more comfortable to me than the Zenhaven, but even on sale they were too expensive. I chose Sleep EZ because they seem to provide products very similar to the Savvy Rest mattresses (with Talalay layers from the same supplier). The Sleep EZ 10" mattresses are much less expensive than the Savvy Rest 10" mattresses (even when the latter were at 40% off before a store closing.) The one possibly significant difference I noticed was that Savvy Rest uses brass zippers and Sleep EZ uses plastic.

I ordered a 10" "organic" Sleep EZ, all Talalay, with split layers (F-M-M on one side and F-M-S on the other). F-M-M and F-F-M, all Talalay, were the configurations that felt most comfortable to me in the Savvy Rest store.

For me, the Zenhaven issues came down almost entirely to comfort (not production quality, not customer service, not price.)

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16 Oct 2018 04:32 #29 by Sweet Dreams
Replied by Sweet Dreams on topic Zenhaven Foundation
@sweetandsourkiwi - I'm very sorry to hear about the delivery problems you've encountered. One thing you should be aware of regarding mattress warranties is that they generally exclude any stained mattresses from a potential claim. So from your description it sounds like the mattress as delivered to you would no longer be covered by the manufacturer's warranty. I know it would be an additional hassle and time consuming for you, but I'd immediately follow up with the seller and insist that you receive a new mattress in clean condition so that any potential warranty claim down the road would at least have some chance of being honored. I hope you're able to ultimately find a mattress that meets your needs and provides you with many good nights of rest. :)

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16 Oct 2018 20:59 #30 by sweetandsourkiwi
Thanks for the tip, Sweet Dreams! They did warranty the original mattress with the stains from the first delivery team...but I complained immediately, so that would have been on record. I figured I'd deal with this along with everything else if I decide to return it, but with your nudge, I will contact the company immediately. They need to know their mattresses are being consistently mishandled.

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