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normal Best Memory Foam Simplified Mattress for High BMI people

10 Jan 2019 00:10 #21 by 560andrising

St3v3k4hn wrote: 3. Rocky Mountain Mattress has some excellent looking mattresses that do use all higher density materials, like the Brighton (4 inches of 5 lb memory foam over 6.5" of Ultracelâ„¢ U3000 foam which I believe is 2.5lb?). Doesnt really say if its soft, medium or firm but I can call them for details. 90 day trial period is fine, but to return it you need to repack it in box and pay an undisclosed amount for return shipping.

I spoke to a rep from Rocky Mountain Mattress yesterday and confirmed that their poly foam base layer is 1.8 lb density. I think the 2.5 is a reference to some sort of scale that they don't go into enough detail about on their website. I think the RMM mattresses with the 5 lb memory foam are still one of the better options for heavier folks, as the 1.8 poly foam base is the only suspect link. With companies like Novosbed and Foamorder moving away from 5 lb memory foam to lower densities, it's good to see that RMM remains an option for folks with a little more body weight than the average individual.

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