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normal Just ordered Brooklyn Bedding “BestMattressEver”

16 Jul 2017 18:02 #1 by brabus

Hello everyone, new guy here.

As many of us I had a headache choosing a mattress because of enormous available options. I literally spent around 12 hours or reading, watching video-reviews, YouTube videos from different people and reading our forum. It helped me to organize my thoughts and filter out not less than a half of my "potential" choices. So, thank you all for that!

Eventually I’ve narrowed down my options to the "Love & Sleep" mattress from Nest Bedding and "BestMattressEver" from Brooklyn Bedding. Looks like it was good set to choose from. Then I spent 3 more hours to take a closer look at these two mattresses :) They all good options, where "Love & Sleep" slightly cheaper than "BestMattressEver".

Well, long story short — I decided to go with Brooklyn Bedding "BestMattressEver". Few pros that I was thinking about:

  1. They rolled out new feature in the mattress construction (TItanFlex, www.brooklynbedding.com/titanflex/ ) that is some sort of a mix of latex and traditional foam behavior, and it looks promising, at least worth a try.
  2. Based on different videos and descriptions where reviewers laying down on mattresses, throwing heavy things, etc. I found "Love & Sleep" more softer and with more "sinkage" than in BB, so I’m expecting "BestMattressEver" will have more back support and good for stomach-sleepers.
  3. They are offering 2 free pillows and a sheet set with the order on top of $50 off. I hope they will be good enough and I will not need to shop for pillows & sheets separately. It’s good expectation when you receive all at one time and just can sleep in a new bed the same day.
  4. And, well, maybe that is not pros of the BB only, but they were responding to my questions very quickly via chat.

I’ve just placed an order and will share my experience with the "BestMattressEver" mattress once I’ll receive it and take a couple of nights. Do you mind? :)

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17 Jul 2017 10:51 #2 by Phoenix

Hi brabus,

Welcome to the forum! :)

Congratulations on your new mattress purchase! :cheer: You certainly made a good quality choice and I will be interested in learning about your new mattress once you’ve had a chance to sleep upon it for a while.

As I think you’ve already found out, most of the online “reviews” and videos are quite unreliable as to predicting what might work best for you, which is why I always suggest a detailed phone conversation with any manufacturer you’re considering and receive their advice (it sounds like you texted with Brooklyn Bedding). Hopefully the comfort choice that you made will meet with your needs.

Good luck!


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