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Brooklyn Bedding- Went Above and Beyond 26 Aug 2017 16:06 #1

Based on the information I got here as well as physically checking out a variety of mattresses in shops- I ended up going to Brooklyn Bedding and getting a firm Best Mattress Ever. All in all it was a hassle free experience. I never felt pressured or was there an attempt to upsell me beyond my budget.
The mattress is extra firm, and while I prefer a firm, during the 120 day trial period-I had second thoughts, visited the show room and decided to go with medium.
No problem with the exchange.
Except after the first night I realised medium was much too soft for me, bothered my back and I had made a major mistake.
I contacted BB promptly, the next morning and the store manager Ana Velazquez managed to track down my mattress- and make the switch back- at no charge.
This is true customer service and a company which stands behind its products and does more than honoring the guarantee.
The mattress is quality as is the company and their employee Ms Velazquez.

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Brooklyn Bedding- Went Above and Beyond 27 Aug 2017 13:31 #2

Hi whiterose,

Thank you for taking the time to provide an update here on the Mattress Forum! And congratulations on your new (again) mattress! :cheer:

I’m glad that Brooklyn Bedding was able to help you out with the reversal of your exchange decision with your BME mattress. It’s always nice when forum members post back here on the site about the nice treatment they receive from our site business members (or even from other stores). We tend to get quite a bit of the 3-Cs (Complain, Condemn, Criticize), so it’s nice to have an affirmation that there are more people out there doing good things for customers than bad. As you're aware, Brooklyn Bedding is a site member here and I do think highly of them, their products and their service.

Thanks for taking the time to share!

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