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Avocado mattress? ... & Nest Bedding options 20 Aug 2019 11:55 #91

Thanks and rest assured the bed does not sleep hot, at least it’s not a complaint I get. The lower density foams are quilting foams in the top and very thin and a layer under the coils to prevent the coils from tearing the bottom fabric. You can’t use any denser foams for quilting and the foam under the coils is inconsequential to the surface or heat. Check our reviews. I’m always looking for ways to improve our beds and like the other models, it’s extremely well built and backed up with my personal guarantee

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Avocado mattress? ... & Nest Bedding options 20 Aug 2019 14:42 #92

Thank you for your reply, nestbedding. Why do you use the 1.5lb foam (base support & transition foams) in the Hybrid Latex, but a 3.0lb foam in the Signature Hybrid? I wish I could combine the higher density foams and 8" coils from the Signature Hybrid with the dunlop latex from the Hybrid Latex!

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Avocado mattress? ... & Nest Bedding options 20 Aug 2019 14:46 #93

I can echo what the previous post (from Nest's CEO) mentioned, based on personal experience. The current version of the Hybrid Latex mattress is well-designed and super comfortable - we love ours! We, too, asked about the lower density foam, and part of it has to do with making the mattress more comfortable on the shoulder and hips when sleeping on the side. If the foam is too dense, then sleepers start encountering more pressure points when side-sleeping.

We also had the previous version of the Hybrid Latex mattress - the one with the 8" coils and Talalay foam. It was a decent mattress, but still ran a little firm - even when trying the more plush foam. Nest Bedding was great in working with us to get us properly situated, and this new version of the Hybrid Latex mattress is definitely a significant improvement over the previous model. Super comfortable - regardless of sleeping position (we're side/back combo sleepers) - and we haven't encountered any issues with sagging, etc.

The great thing, too, is that Nest Bedding has a fantastic warranty and stands behind their products, so there's that guarantee as well. Again, after trying 10+ mattresses and not finding a single one that was even tolerable, we're really pleased with our Hybrid Latex from Nest. I tend to run hot, while my wife tends to run cold, and we're both sleeping fine with this mattress. I don't experience a heat issue like I have with some other mattress brands.

Hope that helps, and good luck with your search. One other thing perhaps worth noting - I've seen a number of people struggle with mattress purchases on this site. However, once a good number of them get a Nest Bedding mattress, they seem to disappear from the forum. I take that as they end up pleased with their Nest mattress. Simply a thought....

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Avocado mattress? ... & Nest Bedding options 20 Aug 2019 15:43 #94

Ah I see where your confusion lies. 1.5 lb base foam is very durable it’s also very different than memory foam. A 1.5 lb memory foam would not be good but support foam is a different animal. Think seat cushions in your car. You wouldn’t use memory foam in the base.

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Avocado mattress? ... & Nest Bedding options 20 Aug 2019 20:35 #95

Thank you, nestbedding and NestHaven.

NestHaven - I read through you story earlier today and it was very helpful. For some reason I thought your story had ended with the previous version of the mattress, not this current one with the 6" coils. I must have skipped a page! When did you get this latest mattress? Your insight and experience is very helpful! (Though I do struggle not to read too much into your username (you're not affiliated with Nest Bedding, are you?)).

nestbedding - I'm not sure what you mean about the source of confusion. I do understand that the density standards differ between polyfoam and memory (viscoelastic) foam. From everything I have read on this website, 1.8lb is the lowest density polyfoam that is recommended to have in a mattress, for durability's sake. That is why I am leery of several inches of the lower density polyfoam. I did see that the foam used in the Signature Hybrid is labeled as 3.0 lb density. Earlier today I chatted with a customer service agent on your website to ask if this foam was polyfoam or visco-elastic, and they let me know that it was polyfoam. Since 3.0lb is a great density for polyfoam, I was wondering why you do not use the better foam (3.0lb) in the Hybrid Latex as well. If you are saying that the agent was incorrect, and that this mattress is actually using memory foam, then I believe the recommended density for visco-elastic foam (per this website) is a minimum of 4.0lbs, meaning again that the 3.0lb would be lower than what is recommended.

To confirm, is the 3.0lb density foam in the Signature Hybrid (used in the base support layer and the smartflow support foam layer) polyfoam or visco-elastic foam? If it is the former, is there a reason that the same high density polyfoam isn't also used in the polyfoam layers of the Hybrid Latex, and is there an option to swap them out when ordering? Thank you!

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Avocado mattress? ... & Nest Bedding options 20 Aug 2019 21:24 #96

We do have a lot of happy customers!

If a base foam is used in the base of a foam only bed where the base is the support, yes, I’d never buy anything less than 1.8. But this bed is supported by coils. The foam is there to prevent the coils from piercing the fabric on the bottom and the quilting foam only comes in 1.5, it’s purposefully a light foam to add puffiness to the top, no support. Hope that makes more sense.

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Avocado mattress? ... & Nest Bedding options 21 Aug 2019 06:54 #97

Sorry for any confusion with my username. I wasn’t sure what name to use when I signed up, so I blended a couple of mattress brands that I saw on this site when I registered - Nest Bedding and Zenhaven - into NestHaven. Good point, though, on the appearance of a conflict of interest. I’m not affiliated with Nest Bedding in any way. Simply a satisfied customer who enjoys their products is all. If there was a way to change my username at this point, I would.

And yes, my wife and I do have Nest’s current Hybrid Latex model with the 6” coils. The only difference with ours is that we have the 24ILD Dunlop latex version, not the 27ILD version. And we’ve had our mattress now for about 9 months (received it as a wedding gift). Again, it’s definitely an improvement over the previous version (which had the 8” coils, Talalay latex, and no quilted foam).

The newer version with the 6” coils, Dunlop latex, and quilted foam is the closest we’ve found to the comfy, old mattresses that we grew up with - comfortable, not too firm, not too soft, supportive in the right places, and overall just right. High-quality build, too, and we’re sticklers for even small defects.

Hope that helps, and happy to answer any further questions that you may have. And it seems that brands like Nest Bedding, Luma, and Arizona Premium Mattress make solid hybrid mattresses from what other customers have shared, having been on this site for a bit. And really, any of the Trusted Members on this site have been vetted, so you’re likely in good hands there.

Again, good luck.....

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Avocado mattress? ... & Nest Bedding options 21 Aug 2019 06:59 #98

Kelley, I have a lot of the same questions you do.

NestHaven, when you let me know you and your wife loved your Nest mattress, I had not yet read through this whole thread. I just read the whole thing yesterday, and was confused by the same thing as Kelley. You mentioned to me in your post last week that you have prior version, but as I read through the whole thread it sounds like you might actually have the current version. Can you clarify?

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Avocado mattress? ... & Nest Bedding options 21 Aug 2019 07:00 #99

NestHaven, I guess you can ignore my last reply. Looks like you answered Kelley's questions (same as mine) while I was in the middle of typing my last post. Thanks for the info!

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Avocado mattress? ... & Nest Bedding options 21 Aug 2019 10:47 #100

Sure thing - sorry for the confusion. We originally had the former Hybrid Latex design last year (8" coil/Talalay latex). We tried a couple of latex swap-outs, in addition to needing to get the cover replaced. Again, Nest Bedding was great in working with us to try to get us situated. In the end, though, we couldn't get that mattress to work. It was better than many of the other brands that we tried (Saatva, Intellibed, Leesa, Serta, Brentwood Home, etc.), but we were still experiencing pain in our shoulder & hip points.

Knowing our mattress struggles, we were given this new Hybrid Latex mattress (the 6" coil/Dunlop latex/quilted foam version) as a wedding gift from a family member who liked theirs, and it fixed the issues that we had been having with previous mattresses. For us, the 1.5lb quilting foam does a really nice job of easing the pressure on our joints when we sleep on our sides. We wouldn't want anything denser, as then the mattress would likely become too stiff. It's "just right" as it is now. The great thing is that there's still plenty of support when we sleep on our backs or stomachs. And we haven't had an issue with the mattress being too warm, either. It stays temperature neutral.

Again, it's a really nice design. The other latex hybrids that we'd tried (the 8" coil/3" latex/cover types) were never quite comfortable on our shoulders & hips when sleeping on our sides. The Avocado mattress, for instance, felt like sleeping on a firm board.

So, needless to say, we're very happy with our Hybrid Latex mattress from Nest. And after a solid 9 months of use, it's holding up very well.

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