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normal Adjustable base and Flat Sheet woes

13 Sep 2017 08:07 #1 by nyc2pdx

I love my adjustable base (Rize Contempo II) and my hybrid sealy mattress. Problem is, I like to use a flat sheet under my duvet....and it never stays tucked in at the bottom.

I had this problem with the fitted sheet, so I installed 'suspenders' which work great. But the flat sheet is a little different as I only need to secure it at the bottom and there is (obviously) no elastic around the edges. Any ideas to keep the flat sheet secure at the bottom of the mattress? I frequently sleep in zero gravity (feet up, head slightly elevated).

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13 Sep 2017 14:03 - 13 Sep 2017 14:04 #2 by Phoenix

Hi nyc2pdx,

Welcome to the forum! :)

For securing the flat sheet to the mattress for the adjustable bed setup, I would recommend a similar solution as to what many use for fitted sheets, securing the corners so that they don't pup off. There are a few products, such as Triangle Sheet Suspenders, the SheetLock system, s\Sheet Staydowns, Sheet Tamers, as well as the normal Sheet Garters. You can also use the old stand-by - larger safety pins. All can do the job. And as the Rize Contemporary II has those split mattress retaining brackets, make sure the sheet is tucker behind each of those.


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Last Edit: 13 Sep 2017 14:04 by Phoenix.

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