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normal Latex Mattress in Canada

14 Feb 2018 06:51 #11 by Mvanessa_v


Is there a discount code I can use for

Thank you!


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14 Feb 2018 17:34 #12 by Phoenix

Hi Vanesa,

Yes, for your discount please email: Scott(at)TheMattressUnderground(dot)com
Note: ... as a protection against email harvesters we replace the symbols in the email with the wording (at) and (dot) :huh:

As you’re aware, you chose something from a site member here using high quality and durable materials.
I hope you can follow up with us once you’ve had a chance to sleep upon it for a while.
Good luck!


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02 Apr 2018 15:07 - 02 Apr 2018 15:09 #13 by Lude

coolgod wrote: Thank you very much for your replies. Yours links really helped me out a lot. I checked out all the latex mattress stores in the kitchener/waterloo area. I eventually found online latex suppliers listed in another post by Phoenix to be the best for me in terms of value and customizability. I purchased the 10" NATURAL Latex Mattress King split All Natural Talalay cores, 3 inch soft comfort, 3 inch soft core, 3 inch medium core and 1 inch cotton+ wool cover. Can't wait to try it out.

Hello coolgod; where exactly did you purchase you're 10" NATURAL Latex Mattress King split All Natural Talalay cores from? The link appears to have many different sellers.

5'9 145lb Side Sleeper
Vancouver BC, Canada
Last Edit: 02 Apr 2018 15:09 by Lude.

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08 Apr 2018 21:41 - 08 Apr 2018 23:00 #14 by coolgod

Sorry for the late reply, been meaning to write a thorough review of the mattress and bed arrangement, its been almost 5 months and I haven't noticed any off gassing or sag so far. I purchased my Latex mattress from flexus comfort, because I thought they had quality Talalay latex and their overall price was cheapest including shipping to Canada and tax.
The left over 1" is just the wool and cotton layer outside. The order gave the option to pick 2 gifts, I picked a waterproof mattress protector and 2 king sized latex pillows.
Overall came out to be about 2.1k USD + 13% tax charged at border.
Could not get TMU discount because they said discount doesn't stack on "promotion price"

They originally quoted me a price including shipping and duties, then later after I placed my order told me they couldn't deliver to Canada!!! After 2+ weeks it arrived in Niagara and I ended up going alone to pick it up, boy was that an adventure.

Everything came in 3 giant boxes and I managed to fit it all in my impreza hatchback. I was annoyed when I got home and found out that the "MEDIUM TALALAY" and the 2nd layer "SOFT TALALAY" was actually Dunlop! I called them the next day but they said they give me mostly Dunlop because TALALAY doesn't work well as base. Bait and switch :(

Building the mattress was quite a challenge, with a friend I spent 2 hours building the mattress. I later decided the splitside latex can be arranged more symmetrically inside and decided to rebuild it myself. Big mistake, took another 2 hours and got trapped underneath the mattress for a while when trying to lift it on my high bed frame.

Now after all this trouble was is still worth it? Absolutely, it was the most expensive piece of furniture I've purchased and it was worth every cent. It is the best thing I've ever slept on, my female friends also agree :) Be warned though, it's so comfortable that if you go for a quick snuggle or just temporarily close your eyes you'll doze right off.

TLDR: No TMU discount, vendor lied about shipping to Canada, had to pick it up in US after 2 weeks, also pulled bait and switch substituting Dunlop for Talalay. No off-gassing or sag observed, best mattress I've ever slept on. Would buy again, but probably from another vender.

Last Edit: 08 Apr 2018 23:00 by coolgod.

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