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Sleep on Latex | Firmness

16 Mar 2019 00:59 #31 by kailuak1
Replied by kailuak1 on topic Sleep on Latex | Firmness
Thanks for all the great info. I was set to order a firm SOL but after reading thread this will go with a medium. I'm in Hawaii so shipping is an extra $150 so getting it right the first time is important. That said its for my 6 year old and anything will be an upgrade on the $350 spring mattress from the chain store he (and often I) sleeps on:) Now off to go get that discount code;)

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17 Mar 2019 14:59 #32 by Phoenix
Replied by Phoenix on topic Sleep on Latex | Firmness
Hi kailuak1,

Welcome to the Mattress Forum! :).

Congratulations on the new Sleep On Latex(SOL) for your 6-year-old (and sometimes Mom) SOL are certainly a reputable/worthy option and being a member of this site it means that I think very highly of them and that I believe they compete well with the best in the industry . so much for buying from one of our trusted members. I assume you emailed Scott (at) to get the discount coupon code they offer to TMU Consumer members.

I am glad that our forum was assistive in your research and helpful in making an educated choice. Yes, the shipping to HI, something Hawaiians deal with often so it is important to get it right.

Good luck with your new mattress and let us know how it works out once your loved ones have a chance to sleep on it for a while :)!


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14 Aug 2019 14:32 #33 by The Toddler

Phoenix wrote: There is no doubt that SOL uses high-quality materials, and many people have discussed there high-quality customer service, which is very important.

Hi Phoenix and Sensei,
I was looking at Sleep on Latex's website and noticed this:

Using an enhanced version of the Dunlop Process, Earthfoam natural latex foam combines the best elements of Dunlop and Talalay latex foam. It has a more lively and consistent feel than other dunlop latex foam without the "bouncy" feel of Talalay Foam. We believe that this produces a product that works better for more people.

Do either of you have any comments about this enhanced process? I wasn't able to find any discussion of it after searching the forum. Thanks.

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15 Aug 2019 13:29 #34 by Sensei
Replied by Sensei on topic Sleep on Latex | Firmness
Hey The Toddler,

First off, I have not spoken to SOL or other people who have been to their partner factory and asked specific questions about the Earthfoam Dunlop process. I do have to say that SOL has worked quite extensively setting up their manufacturing, and there is no doubt in my mind that the engineers and chemists in Malaysia have worked to "enhance" this Dunlop process compared to some other Dunlop process.

That said, I have known many of the latex people pretty well from my prior and current experiences, and it is not an easy thing to enhance the quality of the best European and Asian producers, but some investment will lead to incremental improvements over the shall I say, mediocre latex producers. I have no doubt that SOL's Dunlop process is as good if not better than most others.

I also think that SOL is being pretty solid with their marketing language, it's not over the top, IMO. On another point, people can like or dislike Talalay but I have never seen any Dunlop manufacturer that can replicate a soft Talalay topper, regardless of whether the "ILD rating" is the same. If I get more info, I will make a new post discussing this.


Sensei(@ TMU Team)
Researching for a mattress?... Be sure to read The Mattress Shopping Tutorial.
Click here for TMU Discount Codes if purchasing from Our Trusted Members.
For any mattress questions Ask An Expert on our forum

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06 Jan 2020 01:56 #35 by silverbull
Does anyone know what factory the SOL "earthfoam" from Malaysia comes from? I'm interested in some pieces from them but shipping from US to me in Australia is as much as the actual foam so it doubles the price. If I knew the factory I could ask them about any Australian importers or resellers.

Also in my ongoing saga of fixing my locally bought all latex mattress I bought a 3" layer of Talalay Global blended 19ILD and put it on top of my existing 75kg/m3 (supposedly) medium core in an attempt to soften it up. My wife is now happy with this result (she's 35 pounds lighter than me and needs her hips to sink in more) but it's giving me lower back pain as I think I'm sinking too far in this top 3" layer and going out of alignment. I'm 6"1/2' 183lb (BMI 24.4) mostly side sleeper and also find the core too firm so I'm thinking to try the 20ILD dunlop SOL in 3". Going to the dunlop vs talalay in very similar ILD would I be right in thinking I will get a bit less softness feel but also less compression travel so hopefully avoid the back pain?

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06 Jan 2020 23:24 #36 by Seanec
Replied by Seanec on topic Sleep on Latex | Firmness
So I got really lucky and found someone locally selling new, “liquidated” “Earth foam latex toppers and I bought a bunch of them. One of them was. 3” Soft “20ILD” layer
I had also purchased a 2” ViscoSoft Gel infused latex topper which I found out was a 20 ILD topper from a continuous pour style similar to the EarthFoam however other than the gel infusion, it was a blended mixture of 20% natural latex and 80% synthetic which makes it feel a little softer then the EarthFoam. It also is pretty uniform where the EarthFoam has a softer, “airier” side and side with a smoother finish, (that feels amazing to lay on directly)
I have also purchased a Soft (17-21 ILD) Blended Talalay topper from Mattress247. “Shoutout to Valarie for going out of her way to really try to understand my specific situation and guide me! I am really grateful for her insight and expertise because she got me to realize how different latex can be comparatively which made me do my homework which led me to this site!!
Anyways, I’d say that I have played around with those three layers separately, and together, and over both a pure EarthFoam core, and over 5” innersprings, and it have come to the conclusion that
The blended Talalay is my favorite, but it is the firmest of the 3, and a little too firm for me to sleep on my side the whole night.
The EarthFoam is actually softer than the Talalay but feels to “Dead” for me, I really enjoy the “Lively feeling of Talalay”
The Talalay feels the most supportive however so if your going out of alignment with the Talalay, then going to the EarthFoam you will probably sink in a little more, IMO.
I honestly want to go softer, and try the extra soft (12-16ILD) range to layer on my (17-21ILD) Talalay with a medium to firm core.
But I really want the “in the bed, on a cloud feeling” so I want to go softer, but that’s just me!

I work in physical rehab and before I got my “Beducation” I would recommend to patient playing around with extra “smaller/thinner” pillows above the waist and/or slightly below the thigh when sleeping on the side to keep the spine in alignment, you could always play around with that and see what works!

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07 Jan 2020 01:44 #37 by silverbull
Thanks for the input Seanec. What Talalay manufacturer is your foam from because I thought the blended talalay was a lot closer tolerance in ILD so often quoted as a single number like 19ILD and the all natural talalay has more production variance so is often quoted as a range like 17-21ILD. I'm wondering if you have the all natural not blended?

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07 Jan 2020 06:50 #38 by Seanec
Replied by Seanec on topic Sleep on Latex | Firmness
I bought the blended version, but I’m just basing that off of the 247mattress website where I bought it.

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09 Jan 2020 15:11 #39 by Sleep On Latex
Happy to hear that you are interested in our products! I'm sorry that the shipping cost is prohibitive. I would recommend reaching out to Latex Mattress Austrialia ( ) as a local option.

As far as your question about dunlop vs. Talalay in a similar ILD, they are technically the same firmness as ILD is just a measurement of the firmness. The perception, of course, may be different, but this is hard to predict. The problem with comparing ILD between different companies and especially between different types of foam is that there are several variables that can be adjusted which completely change the measurement. There is no set standard for how to make this measurement. I do not agree with the "conventional opinion" that Talalay is softer than Dunlop. It can be made at lower densities but they both can be made in a wide variety of firmnesses and densities so most of the time this is not really relevant.

I hope this helps. Please let us know if we can help any further.


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10 Jan 2020 02:10 #40 by silverbull
Thanks for taking the time to respond. I was mostly assuming the softness of the 19ILD talalay vs your 20ILD dunlop would be about the same so I was mostly asking if the dunlop would compress less in distance. But now after reading your response a light bulb has kind of gone off and i realize that the ILD rating is in fact how far the foam compresses not how soft it may feel which is a lot more subjective. I think I'll need to have a re-think of my next step. Also re the Australian website you sent, I walked in to one of their stores several years ago and asked some questions and was very unimpressed with their lack of ability to answer even basic questions. They would not tell me who manufactured their latex and they wouldn't answer when I asked about their "eden" quilting (which to me looks like a polyfoam layer with some made up name). I'm going to broadly assume you gave me their details as they state their latex is made in Malaysia so is from the same factory. I'll call their head office and see if anyone there is willing to answer some simple questions and hopefully can find a local supplier for some foam however the showroom prices of their mattresses are so high that I suspect foam shipped from US will be cheaper but I appreciate the help and pointer. Cheers!

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