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normal DIY latex mattress help ( budget )

03 Jan 2018 10:39 #51 by gardenguy

Just an update.
I suppose I am starting to look like princess and the pea here but after trying out my most recent configuration: 4 inch 35 ild poly foam base- 3 inch 23-27 ild all natural talalay transitional layer- 3 inch 19-22 ild all natural talalay comfort layer; I found it was not supportive enough for my spine and just way too thick of a cradle. I like the 3 inch comfort layer, and I like the firm and relatively dead feeling support layer of poly foam on the bottom. The problem is, those 2 layers alone are not enough to keep me from feeling through to the firm base.

After trying out 3 different layers for the transitional layer; 3 inch 20 ild dunlop( returned), 3 inch 28-32 talalay( returned) and 3 inch 24-27 ild talalay (returned), I am quite confused. The problem I'm looking at now is, if the 20 ild dunlop and 23-27 talalay were too soft and the 28 talalay was too firm...then what options do I have? It seems I have tried all the ILDS which could have worked and they were either too soft or too firm. Maybe I need to look beyond a 3 inch layer and go to 2 in the middle instead. Of all the sellers I talked to, they wrangled me into going three inch, claiming 2 inch would not be enough, but I think I need to start making my own decisions now.

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03 Jan 2018 10:43 #52 by gardenguy

I suppose logically deducing things, if 28 was too firm, I could try a 2 inch softer latex in that middle layer, possibly mid to low 20's in either talalay or dunlop.

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03 Jan 2018 10:48 #53 by gardenguy

In the end, the sellers did not wrangle me, just made suggestions, which is all they can do based on what most people want. In the end I made the decisions, however for me it was the wrong one again.

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05 Jan 2018 13:07 #54 by gardenguy

Hi Phoenix,

Thanks again for all the resources on this forum, I've learned about the possible options, which has been indispensable. For example, because of the info here I knew to steer clear of anything less than 1.8 pound poly foam for a base, what HR foam is, and that 5 pound and greater memory foam is best. I've learned to pay attention to alignment, pressure points, initial surface feel of softeness and soft as in regards to sinking INTO the mattress. I really learned a lot about what I actually like in mattress, and not just in theory in my head.

Well, after testing latex for 2 months or so, I've decided the feel of latex is not for me in the base of a mattress, or the middle layer, it's just too bouncy, like jello. I've realized in practical real world experience there are shades of gray which need to be considered, so all or nothing was not the mindset that benefited me. I had thought of avoiding memory foam entirely, but after ordering 2 inches of aerus 5 pound and putting it on my hd poly base, for me it has pressure relieving qualities I was not getting from all the latex. This was the first time I had tried high quality memory foam and not memory foam in cheap mattresses from China. Everyone is different I guess. I still want latex on the very top in 2 inch or less to slow down the sinking feel and give it a bit of liveliness, also separate me from heat buildup. Turns out this is all I probably wanted and needed from the start. Another thing I learned was that even 19-22 ild latex didn't give me the pillowy feel I wanted on top.

Basically I was wondering if you had any opinions on latex over memory foam? I know Kiss does it in their mattress, as well as a few others. I want the high quality memory foam to still shine through so thinking between 1-2 inches is the way to go for me. I'm leaning towards 2 in either natural or blended, and between 14 and 19 ild. I think 14 would really allow me to sink into the memory foam below which is what I want. In the super soft latex would there be pretty severe durability concerns? I would like it to last at least 10 years, but want that pillowy top feel which apparently 19-22 ild did not provide. Realistically would 14 blended have more of a pillowy feel? I am not looking for support, but surface feel, a heat barrier from memory foam, some pressure relief.

Thanks for any info!

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05 Jan 2018 14:22 - 05 Jan 2018 14:24 #55 by MattressToGo

Hey gardenguy,

I know I'm not Phoenix but I can provide some color regarding the latex/memory foam combination.

A few years ago I had a mattress model using latex on top of memory foam over a polyurethane foam core and I found it to be a very comfortable (and popular) mattress. The memory foam deep down tempered some of the buoyant feel of the latex, and the latex on top was more responsive and helped a bit with the sinking feeling and the heat retentive issues of the memory foam.

In your situation, and reading through your thread, do you still have the 19 ILD latex layer? If so, try that on top of the memory foam, as the feel will not be the same as stacking two latex layers on top of the polyurethane foam core that you have. If you don't have the 19 ILD latex, and think that it is still not soft enough for you, then your option would be to go with a 2" version of that 19 ILD, or go to a softer 14 ILD (or N1 from TG or N4 from Radium), probably again in 2" as you said. In the thickness, softness and combination you're proposing, I don't know that you'd be able to tell the difference between natural or blended Talalay if blindfolded, so I'd choose what might be offered at the best value or perhaps something that has a return policy. While a small theoretical difference, blended can be a bit more durable at these very low ILD ranges.

Realize that using the combination of memory foam and latex will temper the qualities of each item. Placing the latex on top will slightly inhibit the feel of the memory foam that you like, but going with a very low ILD combined with a thinner 2" layer won't be as noticeable of a difference as using 3" of 19 ILD. It will also assist slightly with the breathability. Placing the memory foam beneath the latex (as opposed to using double layers of latex), will temper the buoyancy of the latex and slightly deaden the feel.

As for durability, while latex is a quite durable material, in the softest ILDs and in the top layer of a mattress, it will go through the most stress and while there are many variables involved in the durability of padding materials (including your own tolerance for changes in comfort), 10 years might be at the outer edge for such a configuration as you're proposing. But that of course is speculation on my part.

I hope that helps!

Jeff Scheuer, The Beducator
Mattress To Go

Jeff Scheuer, The Beducatorā„¢ Owner of Mattress To Go
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Last Edit: 05 Jan 2018 14:24 by MattressToGo.

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05 Jan 2018 14:22 #56 by gardenguy

I have narrowed down my options to: 1) 14 ild blended. 2.) 14-18 all natural. 3.) 15-19 blended. I can get the 14-18 all natural in 1, 1.5, and 2 inch sizes, the rest in only one or two inch. Im thinking 1 inch might be a tad thin. What might be the advantages of the different thicknesses and ild s? Probly splitting hairs here.

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05 Jan 2018 14:25 #57 by gardenguy

Thanks Jeff! Just got your reply.

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08 Jan 2018 09:07 #58 by gardenguy

I didn't see a "new topic" button so I suppose if this is allowed I will put it in here. It said in the rules section this may be allowed for non-retailers.

Well, I was able to send all my latex layers back but one, which I kept about a week past the 30 day mark. I concluded after all my testing that I like a relatively firm poly base with thin layers above it for comfort ( 4 inches max). I will have high quality memory foam and a thin layer of latex over it, which I have coming in the mail. First I'm trying 2 inches of 14, if that doesn't work, I'm moving on to 2 inch of 19. I don't like latex in thick layers or by itself, just not the feel for me.

So anyway, I have this 3 inch 100% natural radium latex in 19-22 ild here, in twin size. It's in great condition but I'm just not going to use it. I paid 239 for it and I'm willing to deeply discount it for anyone who could use it in their configuration or as a stand alone topper.

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08 Jan 2018 11:14 #59 by gardenguy

I forgot to mention this but I would ship it out the next day after we agree on a price and use Paypal any shipping speed you want. I will pay for half of the shipping, and we can start at $ 100 dollars, or best offer for the latex. I don't want to go much lower than that, but if interested am willing to negotiate a bit. You can either private message me or respond here. Thanks.

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08 Jan 2018 15:52 #60 by Phoenix

Hi ps99115,

Normally selling a mattress or components on the forum requires prior permission (see theĀ  forum rules here ) but since you have long standing relationship with TMU and meet all the other criteria I've decided to allow the post to stay "after the fact" in this case. :) Anyone interested in your offer can PM you in the back end of your TMU account.

It may also be worth listing it on Craigslist as well since there are many people that look for used foam layers there as well.

Good luck with this and with choices of plush latex layers to be added to your construction.
Let us know how it works for you.


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