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normal Latex layering question

12 Jan 2018 13:14 - 12 Jan 2018 16:30 #21 by gardenguy

Sorry, might have been unclear in that last post. I'm using 3 inches 19 ild all natural talalay latex over 2 inch aerus. To me alignment is pretty good, maybe just a touch too deep of cradle but it hasn't been giving me much problem and I sleep through the night. Pressure relief for my lighter body in the shoulder area could use a bit more. I'm trying out a 2 inch layer on top next in place of the 19, and in 14 ild. If this doesn't work I'll move into 19 blended in 2 inch to be closer to the conforming memory foam below, or as a third option one inch of each 19 and 14...even though it'll be the most expensive option. The retailer I talked with said 2- one inch pieces will feel only slightly softer than one- 2 inch piece. With all the pieces and different thicknesses I'll have in the course of the next month, I'm sure to have many combos to try. I suppose it depends which combo works first in regards to how far I go down the rabbit hole. As far as comfort though, to me, it's quite acceptably comfortable right now and I could probably easily live with it. Some nights I will still have more tension in my shoulder than I would like, but it's worlds better than the 19 over 28 I had tried, without the memory foam. I was experiencing actual shoulder pain at that point, almost a crushing sensation. I don't have any prior shoulder injuries and am a side sleeper, so I'm assuming comfort has a lot to do with body weight, layering dynamics, perceived comfort, and sensitivities in the body to alignment-pressure. I'm convinced, for me,1-2 inch layers are going to be what's going to dial it in. Anyway, hope any of this helps.

Last Edit: 12 Jan 2018 16:30 by gardenguy. Reason: Wasn't descriptive enough

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12 Jan 2018 17:26 #22 by Phoenix

Hi Bamm98,

Both of the combinations you mention may assist you with pressure relief and the feeling you are looking for,

Whereas I can’t predict how this will feel to you, the new configuration you describe ( 2” 5lb Areus MF / 3” 19 ILD / 1” 30ILD / 8” combi coil) will overall have a softer feel than your previous configuration of (3” 19ILD / 3” 28ILD / 8” CombiCoil)
The plush Memory Foam on top configuration will have a deader feel than the Latex only configuration, you will sink in quite a bit more, and it will soften more with heat and pressure. I cannot tell if this will be the last straw to get your perfect comfort needs for you as this is too subjective, but it is worth a try, given that you like the feel of MF on top.

The next configuration you are mentioning (1” 14/19ILD / 2” 5lb MF / 28 ILD/ 8” Coil) would still have a dead feel, but not as much as the first configuration you mentioned. You will still experience some of the sink in of the Memory Foam but with the 1” latex on top this feeling will be somewhat tempered as the latex will act as barrier and will lend some of its properties to the MF below. Unless you are the “Princes and the Pea” type the difference between the 14ILD and 19ILD will most likely not be significant for this thickness.

I hope this helps you narrow down a bit your choices and I would very interested to find out what worked for you.

Good luck!


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