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Latex Mattress Break-in

10 Dec 2017 07:44 - 10 Dec 2017 07:50 #1 by shubox56
General Question: Should a latex mattress show a dip (at the hip) in just 2 weeks of use? Due to a back AND rib injury, I’m forced to sleep on my left side with a body pillow. My new mattress is a Twin XL, so the dip at the hips is on the left side. If I move towards the right side, I feel as though I’m leaning back towards the left side - towards the broken-in dip. I don’t know what is normal having never owned a latex mattress?

As I have noted in the past, I’m a slender 6’1 - 170 lbs. The mattress is a SOL soft mattress. I was told that a soft latex mattress will wear every bit as well as medium-firm. I’m surprised by the dip, but if it’s normal, then I guess I’ll need to start sleeping on the right side to even out the wear.

I also have been having a LOT of unusual upper back discomfort/pain which is new with the mattress. Just below the shoulder blades. This has nothing to do with my back injury, but could have something to do with the pain in my right rib cage. Muscular I’m assuming.

I’m still looking for that good nights sleep, but thus far my new mattress has not delivered any improvement. I’m told to give it at least 30 to 90 days, but I’m not sure things will change.
Last edit: 10 Dec 2017 07:50 by shubox56.

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10 Dec 2017 12:21 #2 by Phoenix
Replied by Phoenix on topic Latex Mattress Break-in
Hi shubox56,

Assuming your mattress is placed upon an appropriate firm and flat surface/foundation, I would expect that the most noticeable “breaking-in” that you would experience with your mattress would be with the cover quilted to the wool (see post #3 here ). All materials will go through this initial break-in period (even latex), but it would be unusual for an actual dip in the latex to result in just a few weeks.

As you already have a preexisting back and rib injury :( , unfortunately there isn’t a mattress that can be guaranteed to cure that (I wish there was!). As you’re probably well aware, issues in one area of the back impact overall alignment and can manifest themselves distally or proximally to the actual area of injury (such as a lumbar issue causing a change in gait or a change in the kyphotic curve of the upper thoracic spine). Beside the need for your body to adjust to a new sleep surface as well as lose some of its “learned alignment”, a new mattress can expose some of these “weaknesses” from your injury. Or maybe not. It could simply be an issue that the materials/comfort you’ve chosen unfortunately doesn't meet with your needs. But I would certainly spend more than two weeks testing out any new mattress, especially with your unique circumstances.


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