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normal Torn between two latex mattress Manufacturers (Zenhaven vs Foam Sweet Foam)

09 Feb 2019 12:42 #51 by sweetandsourkiwi

I reached out to Zenhaven to let them know about the sagging foundation and cut layers in the bed. They said some beds get the full layers and some don't, but no comment on how this would affect durability. They also said it's pretty obvious the foundation is failing and one option is to return just the foundation and get a new one locally.

I asked if others who got their bed from this manufacturer had issues and they said no. I've somehow managed to get two failing foundations. But with the popularity of different bedframes now, I wonder how many people still get an old school foundation?

They asked it I was thinking about warranty-ing but I had to say no...sending out a third replacement would be too much, and we're two for two on foundation fails. I'm not sure if they were going to offer or not, although my guess is they would have. Truly over the top customer service. They did extend my trial another month, which was kind and unexpected. Still, I'd like to move on in life, so hoping to decide sooner.

So, whatever I decide, I must replace the foundation, which would solve the sagging issue. Then, I have to decide if I should keep this mattress with the cut layers or begin the process of dialing in a component one. I confess to having major hesitations after finding the latex mattresses available locally less comfortable than the one I have now.

I did find that the zoning is symmetrical in the ZH, so I can turn it around if need be.

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12 Feb 2019 08:18 #52 by Sensei

Hey sweetandsourkiwi,

I just wanted to comment that I am glad to hear ZH customer service is so good, Saatva (owner Zenhaven) is a very good company that has built a good business model. I know this TMU suggestion is to buy foundation from the manufacturer, but this is industry standard as traditional manufacturers always tied warranties to this practice. As the online bedding business continues to grow at such a fast pace, I think TMU's recommendations will continue to change.


Sensei(@ TMU Team)
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12 Feb 2019 09:10 #53 by sweetandsourkiwi

And in some ways, that would still hold true here...they would replace this foundation as part of my current warranty. However, I don't think there's a point as it's already the second one...

Yes, I agree, the company seems really consumer-friendly and they've bent over backwards. I just wish they kept a tighter rein on their supply chain so they wouldn't have to. Great customer service is just something you need more and more of when the product itself is glitchy. So the cost of the product goes up, to continue producing something that will have to be returned or replaced.

I still think bringing an all-talalay bed to the mass market (simplified choice) is kinda brilliant, though.

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