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unanswered Mattress Protector for Natural Latex Mattress?

10 Feb 2019 23:52 - 11 Feb 2019 02:15 #1 by richsass

First time poster here, I recently purchased an all natural Talalay Latex Mattress (here is the link for it: ) from Sleep Science on I wanted to know whether you think this mattress would require a mattress protector? I called the manufacturer and was told by a customer service agent that it may not given that it already possesses an organic cotton mattress cover for it however I am not sure how knowledgeable they may be on this mattress. Do you believe that this requires a mattress protector and if so what kind (breathable, waterproof, etc.) and do you recommend any brands/types (made of a particular material) in particular? Appreciate the help everyone.

Last Edit: 11 Feb 2019 02:15 by richsass.

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