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Budget Latex Mattress 23 Mar 2019 23:03 #1

Just wondering if someone can help me out.
One fine morning I decided to get a new mattress because I need a bigger mattress and went to Amazon where I usually get most of my stuff from.
I stumbled upon a lot of reviews mentioning health issues due to fiberglass in the mattress and other chemicals. I was trying to find something that does not have any of this stuff but most of the options that I found had these things in them.

I am glad that I discovered this forum but I am now even more confused than before. After going through the forum I found out that some kind of Latex mattress is what I am interested in. I had an initial budget of approximately $ 400. I can go up to approximately 600 if I find something really good.
But even this seems like a dream right now because the good ones are really costly.

I found a shop Nest Bedding near me but that is also out of my range.
Can any of you guys tell me if there are some good budget options?

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Budget Latex Mattress 25 Mar 2019 08:13 #2

The fiberglass is the flame retardant that some companies use to pass the required burn test. They weave the fiberglass or silica threads into a sheet of fabric, which they call a sock once they put it on the mattress. It has as high a burning point as wool which is also used by some companies as a flame retardant.

Besides buying a mattress that wrapped in wool, the other way to avoid fiberglass is to buy components online and assemble them yourself. This process can be as simple as unzipping a ticking (zippered case), layering in your latex and zipping it shut. Many of us are featured on this list of DIY component shops here .

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Budget Latex Mattress 25 Mar 2019 12:04 #3

I could not find any list on the link you mentioned.
Are you talking about this page (www.themattressunderground.com/the-underground/our-trusted-members.html ) ?

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Budget Latex Mattress 25 Mar 2019 20:53 #4

Wait, silica is fiberglass?! I don't like that.

I think what the OP is referencing is the tendency for some Zinus mattresses to start "shedding" fiberglass shards through the material (and for sure if you open them). They get everywhere, you breathe them in, they get in your skin.

What prevents this from happening in a higher quality mattress with a silica sock? If it all "stays together", is it fairly safe?

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Budget Latex Mattress 27 Mar 2019 14:48 #5

Hi himanshu.1691,

Welcome to the Mattress Forum! :).

Thanks for the post and thank you @diynaturalbedding for your suggestion. The DIY link worked for me. Thank you.

You can also find members who do their own manufacturing, that sell layers for DIY folks at this link.

Depending on the latex mattress you are wishing to purchase, you will have a tough time hitting the $400-600 range, for instance, a 3" queen size Dunlop process medium density - foam only could reasonably cost between $350-$400. You are using the highest quality / most expensive (one of the most) material in the industry to make a DIY mattress. Please also take a look at our putting the layers together overview, and our mattress support cores overview to see if maybe you want to use polyfoam as the core of your "latex" mattress.

Also as diynatural said, fiberglass is a part of FR material in some FR fabric products, not in any of the latex. Also many times fiberglass / health issues are mentioned in discussions of polyurethane foam where one does not know the orginal manufacturer of the polyfoam....cheaper quality polyfoam.

Thank you and let us know if you have any other questions.

Sensei(@ TMU Team)
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