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Could pocketed coils beneath latex and wool be correct course of action?

26 May 2019 22:24 #1 by jmteixe
I have a king slated foundation. Next, 2 X Coconut Coir Bed Rugs (Savvy Rest). Then, 4" Firm Dunlop (Savvy Rest) beneath a 5" wool tufted mattress (Shepherd's Dream). I'm 23 BMI, my spouse is 33 BMI. Our pressure points are not being comforted, my back and shoulders are falling asleep and his legs are numb. The latex must go beneath the wool, otherwise on top it feels saggy. A 3" wool topper (Holy Lamb) doesn't help.

We are thinking either a 4" firm or plush (not sure which gauge to choose) pocketed coil (Texas Pocketed Coil via Savvy Rest) may help if placed on top of the foundation, beneath the other layers. If legally unable to get it then thinking Avocado Mattress may be right. Hoping to use the $3K wool mattress as a topper. If not, then am thinking I can create a future futon-couch?

We are over budget and have lost much sleep. Already lost $$$$ while trying a triple layer customizable latex bed from Savvy Rest 3/4 of last year. Have been seen by a PT and Chiropractor last several months. Any suggestion would be gladly taken. My spouse and I are scouring this website for last couple of days; wish we had found it sooner.

We must go as natural as possible to keep the chemicals out of our home.

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26 May 2019 23:16 #2 by April
Do you mean a pocketed coil by itself or as part of an existing mattress?

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27 May 2019 00:19 #3 by jmteixe
Hello April, thank you for taking a look at my post!

The pocketed coils by Savvy Rest are separate, but designed to be encased with a layer of latex. The link gives you the visual and information:

I'm not sure if this company can sell the coil component a la carte; management is checking if legally possible per some shipping/fire policy. If we already have their layer of latex is seems like a logical option to me.

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27 May 2019 12:21 #4 by April
Thank you, and please update us about the status of buying the coils separately. I only know of one place to buy coils, and am always looking for other options. The quest for good sleep continues.

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27 May 2019 12:30 #5 by CBHWoodFurniture
Hi jmteixe,
You can also search the foundation post here: Foundation Discussion to see what other options there might be. I am aware of at least three systems that you can consider - coils (whether they be metal or any other suitable material), movable slats, slats that you set the tension yourself (this is fairly common in Europe).

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27 May 2019 14:10 #6 by jmteixe
April, please share, what place sells coils separately? I gave up searching. I am standing-by to hear back from Savvy Rest. I will update you with the response. Also, thank you so much for the discussion link regarding foundations. I will review ASAP! Sincerely, Jackie

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27 May 2019 22:10 #7 by April

The first link goes to the DIY branch of Arizona Premium Mattress. The second link goes to APM itself.

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29 May 2019 17:29 #8 by Sensei
Hi jmtexie,

Welcome to the Mattress Forum! :).

I moved this to the General Mattress thread, as it's more suitable for this discussion.

Sorry to hear about the difficult 3/4 year with the Savvy Rest. I assume you are trying to return? Replace? Couple of other questions. Did the 2X coir bed rug, and the 4" Dunlop firm come as a unit? Or did you just buy them separately? Is the latex 3" and cover/wool make up the other 1"? I don't see any 4" latex layers used, maybe it's two 2" layers? I assume they are kind of trying to work with you, but it doesn't look good?

5" wool tufted mattress (Shepherd's Dream)


A 3" wool topper (Holy Lamb)

Wow, that is a lot of wool. Do you sleep with both of these layers, or just tried them different times? I looked at Shephard's Dream site

Thank you @April and @CBHWoodFurniture for adding great info. Arizona Premium is one of our trusted members , and they do sell coil units for DIY mattresses. Will the coil unit go below the latex? or replace the latex?

The coir / latex is acting as the support. But wool, while a wonderful material, is not used very often to provide a lot of pressure relief, and you are but you are missing the comfort layers. You may have read it, but A mattress in its simplest form is a sleeping system with different parts which work together to do two main things. These are to provide you with comfort (which is mostly about pressure relief) and provide you with support in all your different sleeping positions, which is out in this article, the basic functions of a mattress. Additionally, the mattress comfort layers article describes these layers very well.

So the coil is a different support system, but are you really going to DIY; buy and test high-quality memory foam or latex toppers, etc? Or do you think new mattress i.e Avocado or others?

Thank you again for the post, if you are looking at the hybrid latex similar to Avocado, there are a variety of good options we can share information about.


Sensei(@ TMU Team)
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29 May 2019 18:58 #9 by agm413
For other latex-spring hybrids how different do 2 and 3 inch latex comfort layers feel ?

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30 May 2019 00:33 - 30 May 2019 00:40 #10 by jmteixe
Hello Sensei, Thank you for taking notice of our issue.

You are correct, our latex is the 3" Harmony topper from Savvy Rest but with the encasement the total height turns out to be 4". We have 30 days left to exchange. The 2x coir bed rugs were purchased separately and not as a unit. I had hoped the coirs to behave as a cushion between our slats and our wool mattress....alas I was wrong.

As of last night, we are testing the Firm Dunlop topper, atop the 2x coir bed rugs, to see how it feels on its own, per Arizona Premium representative's suggestion. The point of contact there doesn't want us to buy/ or sell us coils before knowing if the firm dunlop is the correct density. My spouse has started to think we should go down to a Medium Dunlop. So that is one piece we will need to change no later than 28 June. It will take a couple of weeks at least to ship and receive the new layer.

Next, we are looking at changing our foundation. So, I mentioned coils above. They would be the least expensive option, 12" bamboo case ($300) and coils ($400). Arizona Premium has the 8" Combi-Zoned Pocketed Spring, which answer the mail in terms of mimicking the Tranquility Spring Mattress Savvy Rest sells, which is 4" pocketed coils beneath 3" latex all within a zippered case. (My whole reason for writing a few days ago was to see if I could achieve just that, coil beneath latex mattress...since we already own the latex I just needed to find the coils.) I am so pleased Arizona Premium offers coils to consumers, probably one of the only in the world. The gentleman who answered my phone call yesterday at Arizona Premium just seemed very intent to help, which gave me a sense of assuredness that I wasn't expecting.

Just when I thought I had a plan, flexible European slats made by Berkeley Ergonomics and Flo Beds were introduced to us. If we went this route, we can't see any major differences in the products. Thankfully all of the companies selling these slats and coils have excellent return policies. Berkeley Ergonomics flexible slats are made when ordered, take 2-3 weeks, their stores are only 4-hours drive away (if we wanted to test the feel), their slats are available in 3 different profiles, and the cost is $800 (not including shipping). On the other hand, FloBeds flexible slats cost $900 but their product is ready to ship next day. Their store is an 8-hour drive (one way) from my home so the cost to ship the foundation (add'l. $98) would be less expensive than driving.

Ideally, we want to sleep on top of the 5" wool tufted mattress and utilize the latex layer. Per Shepherd's Dream advice, the wool mattress on top of the latex creates a buoyant feel. Here is their blog regarding this concept: I would agree, the latex beneath the wool allows the wool mattress to give and soften a bit but not enough in the right spots for my spouse and me.

So, all said, what would you do if you were us? Do you have an idea which foundation we might like to try or work better over another?

Thank you again for reading our correspondences and for your careful considerations.

Last edit: 30 May 2019 00:40 by jmteixe.

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