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Boll and Branch mattress discussion 13 Sep 2019 15:23 #1

Boll & Branch mattress has the following layers:

1 Wool & Poly Blend - Soft, cool, resilient, and cozy.
2 Graphite-Infused Latex - For a cooler, more comfortable sleep. 19 ILD according to their CS rep.
3 Natural Latex - For stability and stillness. 19 ILD according to their CS rep.
4 Micro-Coils - 28% cooler than foam. Prevents motion transfer.
5 Foundational Coils - Engineered for silent support from edge to edge.

The 19 ILD confuses me to no end, as I'm currently in the process of returning the mattress due to it being too firm. (I'm a side sleeper, and have lower back pain on this mattress as it doesn't allow my hip to sink enough to keep me in alignment.) I was sure that the latex layers were too firm and causing my issue, now I have no clue which direction to go :(. (And what's worse, my husband absolutely loves this mattress and is truly sad to see it go.)

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Boll and Branch mattress discussion 19 Sep 2019 15:04 #2

Hey ladyfelina,

Thanks for the post. I know we all talk about 19ild being so plush and soft but many times when a company just adds a layer of 19ild within a full mattress that is already relatively firm....then they add on a quilted finish, with a traditional tape edged sewn mattress cover...it completely takes away any of the nice plush feeling of the 19ild.

I am not sure who is making the boll and branch mattress for them, and it does not list how many inches are the two latex layers...are they 1 inch apiece. Plus I am curious about what is the firmness of the coil unit used as the base of the mattress?

I know I say this alot but I really think you should talk to someone on our mattress membership listing which can help get you a nice balance of comfort ans support.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Sensei(@ TMU Team)
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